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 Backing up VisNetic MailServer Configuration
VisNetic MailServer 7 - 8 and 9
Creating a backup file will save the majority of your configuration settings, including system configuration, domains, users, and the Groupware database. The backup can restore all settings viewable in the VMS admin. Version 8.3 does NOT backup the registration keys.
What the backup configuration option does not save is the users mail messages and some Webmail configuration, including address books, unless the addresses are saved in Groupware.
Email messages must be backed up manually, either with backup software or by copying the \mail\ directory to a backup location. The default \mail\ location is: c:\program files\deerfield.com\visnetic mailserver\mail\. The \mail\ directory contains the users personal address book for Webmail (file name address.dat).
The majority of Webmail configuration is stored in the Webmail config folder, and is saved during a configuration backup, this folder contains the virtual domain configuration and the global Webmail address book (file name address.dat). Typically you would not need to backup this folder unless you customized Webmail or want to backup the global address book, which is not included in a configuration backup. Default Webmail config location: c:\program files\deerfield.com\visnetic mailserver\webmail\config\.

You can create a backup file by opening the VisNetic MailServer Configuration Console and following these steps:
1. Select Tools (version 8 and 9 select File)
2. Select Backup Configuration
3. Enter a file name in the File Name field
4. Click Save

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