Add Contacts to JAJC

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Created On: Aug 13, 2004 02:43 PM


If you want to see the status of another user and communicate with them (Online or Off-Line), you have to add them to your contact list.

From the JAJC interface

  1. Click on the light bulb icon and select the Add Contact menu item.
  2. Enter the Jid. The Jid is the email address of VisNetic MailServer & Instant Messenger user.
  3. Enter the contact Nickname. This can be anything.
  4. Enter a Group name or use the drop down menu to select the Group that you would like the contact associated with
  5. Click Next and the contact should now appear in your contact list.
If the opposite client has been set to confirm your request, there is a new group named client_waiting (client being the account name of the user).

Right click on the contact and choose authorize, confirm it and the new user will be added to your contact list.

After their approval, he/she will be displayed in your list under the group that you associated the contact with.