How do I reset the Admin password

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Created On: Jun 14, 2004 01:43 PM

Answer WinRoute Firewall

The password for an administrator account can be reset by modifying some settings in the users.cfg file.
  1. Stop the engine for WinRoute Firewall by right clicking on the engine monitor icon in the systray and selecting Stop WinRoute engine.
  2. Navigate to the directory WinRoute Firewall is installed in. WinRoute Firewall by default is installed here: C:\Program Files\Kerio\WinRoute Firewall.
  3. Edit the file users.cfg with notepad.exe or wordpad.exe.
  4. Look for the name of the administrator user account in the list item.
  5. Navigate to beneath the administrators name. Delete the current value between the >< symbols for password.
  6. Type in NUL:. This assigns that user account a blank password. It should look similar to this: NUL:
  7. Save the users.cfg file and restart the WinRoute Firewall engine.
  8. Try to log in to the administrator account without a password in the password field. You should now be able to log in.
Be sure to assign the administrator account a password right away.