How to use the BLACKLIST / WHITELIST commands

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Created On: Jun 10, 2004 03:22 PM

Answer VisNetic MailServer

After setting up a List Server and allowing the BLACKLIST / WHITELIST commands you will use the following examples to issue the commands from an email client.


List Server alias is:

Available commands:

BLACKLIST [password] {blacklist_email}, [local_account], [remove]
WHITELIST [password] {whitelist_email}, [local_account], [remove]


Send an email to with the following in the subject (selectable option) or the body.


The Remove command is used to remove an address from your BL&WL List. will get added to your_accounts BL&WL List spam filter (Account - User).

These commands are only available at the user level, global and domain commands are not currently supported.