Sharing your Inbox with another user

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Created On: Nov 09, 2004 01:58 PM

Sharing your Inbox with another user.

If UserA wishes to share their Inbox with UserB via VisNetic WebMail.

1. Open the VMS Config
2. Select Accounts then
3. Select "Shared Folders"
4. Select "Add"
5. Create a name for the folder UserA wishes to share. In this case let's name it: BInbox
6. The IMAP account field will be: userA
7. The Domain field could be left blank assuming UserB is on the same domain.
8. IMAP folder: Inbox. (this means UserA is sharing his Inbox folder)
9. Select "Add" This should add a folder to the Shared Folders view named "BInbox"
10. Highlight the "BInbox" in the same folder view, then select the button "Edit Access Control List"
11. In the Access Control List specify in the Account field. Select the appropriate permissions then select the "Add" button. Hit OK, then the "Save" button in the upper right of the User Account.

The "BInbox" IMAP folder will be available to UserA via any standard IMAP capable email client such as Outlook Express or Outlook.

Shared IMAP folders are not accessible via VisNetic WebMail.