Local error processing - SMTP logs

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Created On: Jun 06, 2005 03:15 PM

Answer This article applies to VisNetic MailServer and IceWarp Mail Server

Local error processing is generated by the SMTP server when it can not access the local drive, a mapped drive, or a temp file saved by the SMTP server, the file may be locked, or is in use by another program, or the hard drive is full.

When the SMTP server receives a message it will temporarily save it to the \temp\ folder (v7 Options - Directories, v8-9 System - Storage - Directories) for scanning, such as AntiSpam, Content Filters, Virus scanning, etc... if during this time the temp folder is not available you may receive this error:

451 4.3.5 Requested action aborted: local error processing

If you receive this error it may be the result of restoring a back up file that contains a different temp path, if so, you can correct this error by changing the temp path to the correct path, the default is:

C:\Program Files\Deerfield.com\VisNetic MailServer\temp\

If your temp path is located on a mapped or network drive (not recommended) you will need to ensure that the STMP service has access to this network drive. Allowing access to network drives can be configured in the Windows Services Log On tab. In Windows 2k go to Control Panel,
Administrative Tools, Services and select the Log On tab for VisNetic SMTP Service. Please review all Windows service security concerns from Microsoft's Help and Knowledge base before making this type of change.

Other reasons you may encounter this error are from monitoring programs, such as a desktop virus scanner, email port scanners, indexing software, and possibly firewalls. The most common scanner to interfere with the temp file is a desktop virus scanner, a desktop virus scanner will monitor moving files on your system and temporarily lock files to scan them, this causes a conflict and could result in local error processing. To correct this problem configure your desktop virus scanner to exclude the temp folder from real-time file monitoring, and you may also need to disable email scanning in your desktop virus scanner. We recommend that you use VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in with VisNetic MailServer or IceWarp Mail Server (if already registered) to provide conflict free scanning.



Another service known to generate this error is the Microsoft Search service. While this service is running you could intermittently receive this error, to date the only way to resolve this issue is to stop the Microsoft Search service and set it to manual (Service Properties - Start up Type: Manual)