Import Accounts From File - VisNetic MailServer 8.5 or higher and IceWarp Mail Server

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Created On: Feb 20, 2009 02:03 PM

Answer This article applies to VisNetic MailServer 8.5 or higher and IceWarp Mail Server

The tool.exe included with VisNetic MailServer 8.5 or higher and IceWarp Mail Server can be used to import account information from file. The import file must be comma delimited and must be created in a specific way, as outlined below.

Important note: Before you use the Tool backup your configuration using the following article,

Here's the steps to import from file.

1. Create a comma delimited file (import.csv) containing the account email addresses, names and passwords, example,User1 Last,1111,User2 Lastname,2222,User3 Smith,3333

2. Save this file to c:\import.csv

3. Open a DOS window and navigate to the VisNetic MailServer installation path, default location is,

C:\Program Files\\VisNetic MailServer\

4. Type the following,

tool import account c:\import.csv U_Name U_Password


Domain =
Alias = user1
Email address =
Full name = User1 Last
Password = 1111

Domain =
Alias = user2
Email address =
Full name = User2 Lastname
Password = 2222

Domain =
Alias = user3
Email address =
Full name = User3 Smith
Password = 3333

5. Reload the configuration from the VMS admin by pressing F5 or close and reopen the Admin.

6. For more information on available import variables refer to the apiconst.pas file located in the api\delphi\ folder, default location,

C:\Program Files\\VisNetic MailServer\api\delphi\

More help using the tool, including tutorials, can be found by typing tool.exe /? or tool.exe.