Setting up DNS2Go on Windows

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Created On: Mar 17, 2009 08:56 PM

Answer It is recommended that you sign up for your DNS2Go domain name before installing the DNS2Go client. If you have not done so, please visit the Signup Page to set up your DNS2Go service. This is required before the service can operate.

Shortly following your signup process, you will receive an email containing two lines of text similar to the ones shown below:

Domain Name:
Registration Key: 001153-ABCDE-FGHIJ-12345

Copy these two lines of information from your email to the Clipboard (from the menu bar of your Email client, select Edit, then Copy) to aid you in the registration process later on.

1. Download the DNS2Go client from the Download Page

2. Select the download link located under the heading of Download DNS2Go Windows

3. You will be prompted with a pop-up window. Select Save File to Disk

4. Next, select Desktop (or which ever drive you prefer) as the location to save this file. Leave the name of the file as default - d2gsetup.exe.

5. Once the download is complete, double click the d2gsetup.exe file that is on your desktop.

6. The Welcome screen presents some general information regarding your installation. Please select 'Next' to continue.

7. Upon review of the License Agreement, and select 'Yes' to indicate that you accept the terms.

8. On the HeartBeat Options screen, the default setting is appropriate for most environments. Only change this selection if you are certain you IP doesn't change very often. Please select 'Next' to continue.

9. The VNC Information screen presents general information regarding VNC. Please select 'Next' to continue.

10. The DNS2Go client files will be copied to your computer

11. If you would like DNS2Go to start up with your computer automatically, check the box next to 'Install the DNS2Go client as a system service' on the Installation Complete screen.

12. Select 'Finish' to complete the setup process. DNS2Go will start up and ask for your registration information. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.

13. Your registration details should be read from the system clipboard. If not, you can now enter them manually. Click 'Apply' and the DNS2Go client will contact our servers to complete the registration process.

14. If you receive your registration details after installation, simply copy them to your clipboard (as outlined before Step 1) and open the DNS2Go Client. Your license details should be read automatically, but selecting 'Change' from the Registration tab will force a clipboard check.

15. If you would like more information on how to make DNS2Go work for you, select 'Yes' to read the Quick Start Guide from the box that displays after registering the client. If you would like to review this helpful information at a later time, you can select the 'View Quick Start Guide' from the Registration tab or from the Help option in the main menu.