Create Custom Gateway Template

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Created On: Dec 18, 2009 02:03 PM

Answer This article applies to 3CX 8.x or higher and references Patton 4114 Gateway as an example.

Open the 3CX admin, select Settings, Provisioning templates, Gateway, Patton 4114, Edit

Find this section

<!-- Hostnames and Port Numbers -->
<field name="RegistrarHost"></field>
<field name="RegistrarPort">5060</field>
<field name="NumberOfLines" status="readonly">4</field>
<field name="TypeOfLines" status="readonly">Analog</field>

Change this line from <field name="NumberOfLines" status="readonly">4</field>


<field name="NumberOfLines">1</field>

Click Apply and you will be prompted to save. A dialog will appear and enter the new file and template name for the custom device.. Example:

Patton SN-4114 1-port FXO (CUSTOM)

Create the gateway using the custom template.