How to add DID's to VOIP Providers

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Created On: Dec 28, 2009 04:05 PM

Answer When using a VOIP provider with DID's you need to set the following options:

1. Go to the VOIP provider account node via which the DID’s are routed. Select the VoIP provider and click 'Edit provider'.

2. Now go to the ‘DID’ tab and enter all the DID’s that you have been assigned under the 'DID numbers ' section. You may enter the DID numbers either as a complete number, for example 468 5511 4916 or * 5511 4916 or *4916. All are valid options.

3. In the section 'SIP Field' select 'To: User Part' (as per the screenshot below).

4 Click on Apply.OK for the settings to take hold

5. Click on the sub node containing the main VOIP provider number (port) under the VoIP provider and you will have the 'Edit Port' display.

6. Go to the section 'Other options' and in the ' Source Identification by DID' insert the DID's inserted in step 2 above, each number separated by a comma (,) as per the screen shot below.

7 Click on Apply/OK and close the 3CX configuration