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 WebMail (7)

 Configuring ODBC Article ID: 9
 VisNetic MailServer Configuring VisNetic MailServer To Use ODBC This article explains how to setup the VisNetic MailServer to use an ODBC database for its account list. ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity and i
 Setting up a Standard Disclaimer - version 6-7 only Article ID: 38
 This article explains the necessary steps to create a standard disclaimer to be appended to email messages. From the VisNetic configuration console: Select the Options button. Check the Active option for Head
 Configuring Outlook 98, 2000 (Internet Only) version with VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 76
 VisNetic MailServer NOTE: These instructions only apply if you have installed Outlook with the Internet Mail Only option. To determine your installation type, on the Help menu click About - Microsoft Outlook. In About Micr
 Configuring Trusted IPs and Domains in VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 95
 VisNetic MailServer VisNetic MailServer can be configured to allow trusted domains or IPs to send mail through the server. VisNetic MailServer will check the relay.dat file. If the IP or domain name exists, then the sender is exempt from authe
 Rejecting email from a specific IP address Article ID: 298
 When you filter on IP addresses you can not filter on the received headers, only headers that are added to the message during its delivery to your mail server, such as the Originating_IP: header. If that header exist you can filter on it using the
 Sharing Folders Using VisNetic WebMail Article ID: 383
 Sharing Folders Using VisNetic WebMail Shared IMAP folders are only available via traditional IMAP capable email clients such as Outlook and Outlook Express. The sharing of IMAP folders is not directly accessible using VisNetic WebMail. It is poss
 How can I send a notification to all users on the server? Article ID: 486
 Have you ever needed to notify all users on your VisNetic MailServer about some changes in settings, new features, etc? There is a simply way how to do that - mailing list accounts. Create a new mailing list account in your domain either via the VisNe
 VisNetic MailServer as a Gateway Article ID: 554
 VisNetic MailServer Gateway Server with the primary server behind.  This solution is easy and cost effective. This provides an entry point for your mail that is handled by one server and its main function is to accept or deny tra
 SMTP service does not start (Version ONLY) Article ID: 590
 The VisNetic SMTP service may not start if the SMTP.exe process is already loaded into memory and was not shutdown properly. Two instances of SMTP.exe can not run at the same time. Usually terminating the SMTP.exe process and restarting the VisNetic S
 Increasing the Protocol Response Delay Article ID: 23
 VisNetic MailServer 7 VisNetic MailServer is a very fast mail server and although all supported Internet protocols are synchronous and work properly with most mail clients, there are some mail clients that get confused by the speed of VisNetic MailS
 I'm receiving SPAM not addressed to me, why? Article ID: 299
 A good analogy of what is happening is a written letter that is addressed to you on the envelope (so the mailman delivers it to your box), but the letter is addressed to someone else. Your mail server takes the letter out of the envelope and puts it
 Automate Global Black list Article ID: 392
 1. Create a new account - 2. Create a text file with a short path location - example c:\filter\filter.txt 3. Create Global Black list rule
 Could not login to calendar server Article ID: 487
 I received a "Could not login to calendar server" error accessing Calendar in WebMail The error can occur in these cases: - GroupWare service is not running - Port for GroupWare service is not open - GroupWare service is not enabled for appropriat
 Greylisting - (451 4.7.1) Article ID: 592
 Most Spammer servers will try to deliver a message to the receiving server and give up if they don't receive a quick response. This is usually an automated process by the spammer and retrying message delivery is highly unlikely and difficult to manage
 Why do I receive blank messages Article ID: 24
 VisNetic MailServer Why do I receive blank messages?This is caused by some other mail server connecting to your server and sending a . in the data command. You can reproduce by telnetting to your server on port 25 then issue the followin
 Creating User Account Aliases In VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 78
 VisNetic MailServer This article explains how to setup aliases for accounts that have already been created.   Aliased accounts will allow you to accept mail for different email addresses and place each aliased ac
 Using A Command Line Shortcut To Login To VisNetic WebMail Article ID: 97
 VisNetic MailServer This article explains the necessary steps to be able to login to the VisNetic WebMail via a shortcut icon without having to enter a username or password. From the computer desktop:
 What is SPF? Article ID: 302
 VisNetic MailServer   Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an anti spam approach in which the Internet domain of an email sender can be authenticated for that sender, thereby discouraging spam mailers, who routinely disguise
 SMTP Error Codes Article ID: 398
 Interpretation of SMTP 5xx errors in VisNetic MailServer   Your SMTP log files may contain some of these SMTP errors. This F.A.Q. will help you to understand what the errors mean.   Most commo
 Webmail is not working Article ID: 488
 Restoring a version 7.x backup in version 8 will result in the lose of Webmail functionality, and typically that's the only problem, but other unknown problems could occur. It's recommended that you restore only the same version backup
 Configuring an AutoResponder Article ID: 25
 VisNetic MailServer Self Configurable Users Setting Up Auto Responders In VisNetic MailServer This article explains how an end-user can setup an auto responder for their account using the Web Admin. From The
 Importing messages from Outlook Express into VisNetic WebMail Article ID: 63
 VisNetic MailServer The best way to transfer messages from Outlook Express into VisNetic WebMail is to configure Outlook Express to connect to the VisNetic MailServer via IMAP. Then copy your existing Outlook Express messages to the IMAP folder
 Forwarding Individual Account Email In VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 79
 VisNetic MailServer This article explains how to setup an individual account in the VisNetic MailServer to forward the accounts email to a different local or remote email account.From the VisNetic MailServer configuration console:
 How to setup a Header/Footer file for a mailing list - version 6-7 only Article ID: 98
  This article explains the necessary steps to setup a header/footer file to insert text into the beginning/end of all list mail for a particular list.From the VisNetic configuration console: Select the Accounts bu
 Changing Domain Names Article ID: 323
 Question: Our company wants to use a new domain instead of the old one. What can I do to make this change without losing any mail and contact information?   Answer: Create a domain alias to your old domain. &
 How to convert user data containing international characters to UTF-8 Article ID: 621
 This article applies only to upgrades from VisNetic MailServer 8.x to 9.x Conversion is required only for versions prior to 9.1 and only if there are account names and address book entries containing national characters (i.e. applies mostly to countrie
 Importing Windows NT Users Into VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 80
 VisNetic MailServer From the VisNetic MailServer Configuration editor: Select Accounts from the Menu Bar Select Import Windows NT Users Select the users you want to import and press the Import button.
 Changing the Outbound Delivery Schedule Article ID: 99
 VisNetic MailServer This article provides the necessary steps to change the interval that VisNetic MailServer tries to send outbound email. The interval settings are contained in the \Program Files\\VisNetic MailServer\Config\in
 Time Zone Article ID: 326
 Within the VMS Configuration utility, select the Options button and then Other Options. Enable Atomic clock sync and then select the : button to the right of the option.
 Challenge Response Emails still coming through - what should I look for? Article ID: 492
 Check your challenge response accept list and verify if the IP or sender is allowed or accepted, you must compare this to the SMTP logs. The logs will show the IP on the left and the sender in the MAIL FROM: command. Also check the B&W list (Mail Serv
 Automatically White List an email address sent from VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 564
 You will need to create two different filters, one a content filter that adds recipients to a whitelist file. The second is a Whitelist filter accepting sender addresses listed in the same whitelist file. Content Filter (Mail Service - Filte
 Configuring ATRN Article ID: 27
 VisNetic MailServer offers the ability to collect mail from remote servers via ATRN. This is useful if an ISP blocks port 25, ATRN uses port 366. ATRN connections are more secure and only use a single connection to make the request and receive the mail
 Removing /mail/ from the VisNetic WebMail URL Article ID: 65
 VisNetic MailServer v7.x only. Version 8 does this automatically.   To remove the /mail/ path from the URL create a Virtual Host in the web server settings (Options | Other Options | Web server engine settings | [Virtual Host]), whi
 To Setup a Secondary Domain In VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 100
 VisNetic MailServer VisNetic MailServer supports multiple domains built around the concepts of a primary domain and one or more secondary domains. There is no particular difference between a primary and a secondary domain. You should realize t
 How do I tell if SURBL is working? Article ID: 352
  You can determine if SURBL is working by viewing the message headers / SpamAssassin report.    This will depend on what settings you have under security->spam engine->spam assassin tab - reporting
 POP3 download error Article ID: 404
 Mail Client Reports an Error: 'Unexpectedly terminated the connection' During Mail Download   The exact error could look like this from Outlook:   Your server has unexpectedly ter
 What does Enabling Multi-CPU Support do for me? Article ID: 494
 What multi CPU support gains you is the spreading of process (smtp, pop3, control, etc...) CPU utilization over all available CPU's. Depending on how busy your servers are you may want to utilize this built-in option or go with a third party utility th
 Reject non-English email Article ID: 66
 VisNetic MailServer   From the VisNetic MailServer Admin window:Select Security - Content Filter (version 6 - 7) and in version 8 select Security, Filters, Content filtering tab.
 Changing the VMS Web Mail Logo Article ID: 103
 VisNetic MailServer Prepare your own logo called mylogo.gif with the pixel size 150 x 150. 1. Copy the logo file to Program Files/ MailServer/html/Mail/Images 2. Login as a user with the VisNetic MailServ
 How to Run VisNetic WebMail under IIS Article ID: 498
 This scenario is useful in several situations: • administrator has only one IP and wants to run both IIS and WebMail on port 80 • administrator wants to have a backup solution • some administrators are very experienced with administration of IIS an
 Problem delivering to HotMail addresses Article ID: 67
 VisNetic MailServerIf you have another mail server, such as your ISP, you can relay through that server when mail is sent to   From the VisNetic MailServer Admin window: &
 Blocking Specific IP Addresses From Connecting To The VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 85
 VisNetic MailServer From the VisNetic MailServer configuration console: Click the Security button Expand the Firewall menu Enable the Active option for the Firewall. This is not an anti-relaying feature. It is a firew
 What is SPF (Sender Policy Framework)? Article ID: 354
 VisNetic MailServer 7.5.3 introduced support for Sender Policy Framework (SPF), a new anti spam measure designed to fight email address forgery.   Using SPF, the Internet domain of an email sender can be
 How to use SSL Article ID: 476
 VisNetic MailServer supports SSL for all of it's services, SMTP, POP3, Webmail, etc...   Client configuration is required depending on what service you want to use. For example, if you want to use SMTP SSL you would conf
 Retry Queue Settings Article ID: 30
 VisNetic MailServerConfiguring the Retry queue for sending mail from VisNetic MailServer is controlled by the interval.dat file.Default location: c:\Program Files\\VisNetic MailServer\Config\interval.datThe parameters
 Reject executable and other potentially malicious attachments Article ID: 68
 VisNetic MailServerUsing Content Filter under Security in the VisNetic MailServer Admin console.   Add a content filter   Where Attachment Name matches some words: Selec
 Configuring Accounts To Collect From Multiple Locations With VisNetic MailServer (Remote Accounts) Article ID: 87
 VisNetic MailServer This article will bring you through the necessary steps to setup the VisNetic MailServer to collect mail for a single account from multiple locations.From the VisNetic MailServer configuration console: Cli
 Will my existing VisNetic MailServer license key work in version 7? Article ID: 271
 VisNetic MailServer This will depend on two things:  1) the status of your Upgrade Protection  2) the version you are currently running. If your Upgrade Protection is current and
 How to create a virtual Webmail host Article ID: 355
 Configure a virtualhosts.dat file in the ..\webmail\config\ folder. The file should list each domain on a single line, as follows.
 Battle the Spam Bots Article ID: 534
 Let's talk about why you need, and how to create a Spam Trap. Spammers often use high performance computers to run what is called a Spam Bot. A Spam Bot is a program that browses the Internet looking for hypertext links and other anchors
 Using Account Defaults Article ID: 568
 This article applies to VisNetic MailServer 8 Enabling Account Defaults provides you with a way to specify how accounts will be created by default. This can include the account type, authentication method, limits, Service access modes, etc... After
 Unable to access VisNetic WebMail Article ID: 69
 VisNetic MailServer v6 - v7 (Do NOT use this article for v8)If you are unable to access VisNetic WebMail confirm the following:   Default URL is: Ensure port 32000
 VisNetic MailServer and Reverse Lookups Article ID: 88
 VisNetic MailServer This article explains how to setup VisNetic MailServer to perform reverse lookups on inbound mail. This option may help reduce the amount of SPAM received.From the VisNetic MailServer console: Sel
 Can I install version 7 on top of my existing VisNetic MailServer installation? Article ID: 272
 VisNetic MailServer Yes. However, before any version upgrade, it is recommended that you backup your configuration files and make a copy of your license key. Note, in the v7 installer, you will be presented the option to import an existing conf
 How to Relay all outgoing mail (smart host) Article ID: 478
  VisNetic MailServer version 8 and above can send all outgoing mail to a single SMTP server by using the Relay Server option (Mail Service - SMTP Service - General tab - User Relay Server).   There are four w
 What are "Client Sessions?" Article ID: 538
 Q Would someone please explain to me exactly what "Client Session" means in the SMTP debug log. When I connect to VMS via an Outlook client I get log entries but they are usually not Client Session entries. The Client Session entries seem to co
 How to use the BLACKLIST / WHITELIST commands Article ID: 2
 VisNetic MailServer After setting up a List Server and allowing the BLACKLIST / WHITELIST commands you will use the following examples to issue the commands from an email client. Example: List Server alias is: blwl@your_d
 Collecting mail from Remote Accounts Article ID: 32
 VisNetic MailServer From the VisNetic MailServer Configuration Console:1. From the Menu Bar select Accounts / Add / New Remote Account 2. Enter a description in the Name field. The name of this remot
  Why am I receiving this error in Outlook 2002/XP when sending/receiving? Task iServer - Sending and Receiving reported error (0x800CCC0F) : The connection to the server was interrupted. Article ID: 273
 VisNetic MailServer v6-7This is because VisNetic MailServer is a very fast mail server and although all supported Internet protocols are synchronous and work properly with most mail clients, there are some mail clients that get confused by th
 Computer stops responding updating XP SP 2 Article ID: 357
  Microsoft has release several articles explaining a computer lockup problem with XP.  During the patch installation Microsoft's system installer will lock the system partition on hard disk to change updated files, not after
 My mail server has recently been identified as an open relay, what should I do? Article ID: 539
 When a message is received and it is to a remote address (to a domain that is not in Domains & Accounts) it must be authorized using one of three relay checks: Mail Service - Security 1. Is an IP in Relay From: (recommend only private IP's - default
 Installing on Windows Vista Article ID: 575
 VisNetic MailServer does not officially support Windows Vista. If you install and run VisNetic MailServer on Windows Vista we have prepared the following installation guide. At the creation time of this article we were not aware of any compatibility issue
 How to remove dead email addresses from a mailing list Article ID: 3
 VisNetic MailServer In order for a message to be considered for removal the delivery will need to result in a permanent delivery failure, such as domain does not exist, and it will only be removed the second time you send to the list. The remo
 SMTP.exe 100% CPU Article ID: 33
 VisNetic MailServer Instant AntiSpam has a max message size limit that when reached will not scan the message (Spam Assassin/Bayesian). The max size limit is 512K and this limitation size is high enough where spammers will not b
 Rename selected attachments Article ID: 71
 VisNetic MailServerFrom the VisNetic MailServer Admin select Security - Content Filter and create the following:   Conditions: Select Rename Attachment where attachment name matches some wo
 Configuring VisNetic MailServer As A Gateway Article ID: 90
 VisNetic MailServer VisNetic MailServer can be configured to be a gateway to forward mail to another host. This will allow VisNetic MailServer to store mail in case your primary server goes down. As well, with added antivirus features, VisNeti
 After installing Norton Non-Corporate I am unable to collect mail? Article ID: 274
 VisNetic MailServer Norton non-corporate will interfere with the POP3 service in VMS. To avoid this you will have to uninstall the remote checking feature. For more information on uninstalling the remote checking feature please go to http://www
 I'm receiving attachments named "winmail.dat," and I can't open them. How do I fix this? Article ID: 365
 The sender is using Outlook or Outlook Express. To fix the problem they should set their mail software use Plain Text instead of Rich Text and then resend the attachment. This problem is discussed in
 DomainKey Policy Tester Article ID: 480
 There are basically two types of DNS records used by DomainKeys; policy records and public key records: 1) Policy records: A domain name using DomainKeys should have a single policy record configured. This is a DNS TXT-record with the name "_doma
 Common SMTP Error Codes Article ID: 540
 The following are some common SMTP status codes. Sometimes these errors are immediate, for example an error that pops up in Microsoft Outlook, while other times the error shows inside of an email error receipt sent by a server. Tip: When th
 Windows Vista can not download POP3 mail Article ID: 578
 Windows Vista users have reported POP3 download problems where message retrieval hangs. Reviewing the VisNetic MailServer logs may report that the mail client stops at the RETR command and the session timed out after a while. The solution t
 Creating a 'catch-all' account Article ID: 72
 VisNetic MailServerConfigure the following domain and account example to create a catch all domain or account:   1. Create a Standard domain; 2. Create a single user account within the do
 How can I setup per domain administrators? Article ID: 275
 VisNetic MailServer This is setup under the Accounts in VisNetic MailServer. Select the Accounts tab and expand the domain the account is listed under. Expand the Users and select the user account. Under the user accounts Special tab use the dr
 Sharing your Inbox with another user Article ID: 375
 Sharing your Inbox with another user. If UserA wishes to share their Inbox with UserB via VisNetic WebMail. 1. Open the VMS Config2. Select Accounts then
 Deliver messages via relay server when direct delivery fails Article ID: 549
 VisNetic MailServer 8.3.5 or higher has the option to deliver to a relay host when MX delivery fails. For example, when VMS receives a 5.xx, 4.xx error, timeout or connection refusal during the MX delivery process it will deliver to the hos
 How to archive email messages. Article ID: 583
 Once Mail Archiving is enable VisNetic MailServer can save incoming and outgoing mail to a predefined location. Email archiving can be enabled per domain or all domains. To enable Mail Archiving open the VisNetic MailServer Admin, select Mail Archivin
 Spam Folder Mode Article ID: 6
 VisNetic MailServer 7.x - 8.xThe Spam folder mode option under the Special tab (version 7) of each account (Miscellaneous tab - version 8.0.3 and the Options tab in version 8.5) determines where messages will be placed when marked as spa
 How to Setup a New User Article ID: 35
 From the VisNetic MailServer configuration console: Click the Accounts tab (version 7) or Management under Domains & Accounts (version 8) Right-Click on the domain name in the left-hand column Click Add
 Import CSV file into WebMail Article ID: 73
 VisNetic MailServerThe format of the CSV file must be exact, or WebMail will ignore the entry. If a field does not have data, it must be represented by a comma. Here is the layout of the CSV file.   Name,Email,Or
 Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection Article ID: 379
  When you attempt to send or receive email using Outlook or Outlook Express and you see the following message: "Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. . . " In some situations, you may not see the error message, but you w
 IMAP is not saving sent items to the Sent Folder Article ID: 482
 In order to automatically save your sent email messages in your IMAP Sent folder rather than the local Outlook Sent Items folder you must create a rule in Outlook using the Rules Wizard: 1.) Choose Tools > Rules Wizard, then Click on New. 2.)
 Lost Messages on Moderated list Article ID: 551
 It is possible to configure a moderated mailing list (Security tab - Server Moderated) without setting an owner. If this happens and messages have been sent to the list you can re-authorize the messages by following these steps, &nb
 Using the Default.Ini File Article ID: 7
 VisNetic MailServer v7 The option Use Account Defaults, under the menu item Accounts, Options, specifies to use the default.ini when adding a new user. The new user will be added with the defaults specified in this file.
 Setting up POP Forward with DNS2Go & VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 36
 VisNetic MailServerThis article explains how to setup VisNetic MailServer with DNS2Go for the POP forwarding option. With your free DNS2Go domain name, you can host unlimited email addresses. The only limitation to this is your VisNetic MailServer
 Changing default HTML font size in VisNetic WebMail Article ID: 74
 VisNetic MailServerMake backup copies of any changed files before and after your edits and keep the files in a safe place outside the MailServer installation folder.   To adjust the default font size for HTML mes
 How To Login To The VisNetic MailServer Web Configuration as Admin Article ID: 93
 VisNetic MailServer This article explains how to set an account as an administrator and login to the Visnetic MailServer Web Configuration as the Admin.From the VisNetic MailServer Configuration console: Click the
 Norton AntiVirus Corporate and VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 295
 VisNetic MailServer To configure VisNetic MailServer to use the External AntiVirus Filter - Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition. 1. Open the VisNetic MailServer Console 2. Select Security 3. Select AntiVirus
 Modifying SpamAssassin Scoring Article ID: 484
 All of the Spamassassin rule files can be found in the \spam\rules\ folder. A few important notes before we get started: 1. Any changes you make MUST be made to the file, or else they will be overwritten with the next upgrade. 2. Th
 Personalized Mailing List Article ID: 552
 Currently you have two options for adding variables to a personalized mailing list, standard file or ODBC. Standard file is implemented from the members tab, the parameters are entered in the members parameters field, each variable is on a line by it
 Webmail Skin File Use Article ID: 8
 This article only applies to VisNetic MailServer 7 There are two types of WebMail skins, Text and Left Menu (Outlook). The text type skins include the following files: blank.tpl - A place holder for optional data. ext
 Setting up a Remote Account (Domain POP) Article ID: 37
 VisNetic MailServerFrom the VisNetic Mailserver configuration console: Click the Domain in the left-hand window Click Accounts from the top menu Click Add Click New Remote Account
 Configuring Outlook 98, 2000 (Corporate or Workgroup) Version With VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 75
 VisNetic MailServer NOTE: These instructions only apply if you have installed Outlook with the Corporate or Workgroup option. To determine your installation type, from the Help menu click About - Microsoft Outlook. In
 Difference between Header and Any Header Article ID: 297
 VisNetic MailServer   Header - you will need to specify the header you want to filter on, for example, if you want to reject a message where the Subject header contains FREE, you would us
 How to save Sent Items in Outlook when using IMAP Accounts Article ID: 382
 VisNetic MailServer   Outlook does not automatically save sent messages to the Sent Items folder of an IMAP account until you create a filter.   The following Microsoft KB expl
 SNMP Server Article ID: 485
 SNMP belongs to the communication protocols family and has become widely accepted as an effective method for managing TCP/IP networks. The original SNMP concept designer is the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). SNMP protocol is adaptable an
 AntiSpam Logs Article ID: 553
 Q. The AntiSpam logos display a [Bypass=14], what does this mean? A. The [Bypass=14] code can be translated using the following chart... first translate the code from HEX to Binary using the windows calculator in Scientific view. 1. Open the calcu
 PHP Webmail troubleshooting Article ID: 403
 If you have PHP installed on the same computer as VisNetic MailServer it is possible that Webmail will use the php.ini configuration file of PHP instead of the wmi.ini configuration file that comes with Webmail (..\VisNetic MailServer\PHP\).
 How to block partial messages Article ID: 1
 Outlook Express, and possibly other email clients, are capable of dividing messages into parts. Using this feature, an attacker can send e-mails that may by-pass most filtering engines including Virus scanners, content filters. One of the least known f
 Configuring VisNetic MailServer to Send to a Smart Host Article ID: 28
  This article explains the necessary steps to setup VisNetic MailServer to send messages through your ISP when mail is sent to specific domains. This article is intended for situations where servers such as AOL are blocking your email. From the VisNe
 DNS - Understanding and getting it to working with VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 83
 Having a domain, e.g., is an important step in establishing an identity for a business on the Internet. People enter the domain as part of an email address or a Web address. What the network uses to route traffic is not domain names as such,
 Configuring ETRN In VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 91
 VisNetic MailServer can collect mail from other servers through an ETRN connection. This provides users who are not always connected to the Internet a way to collect mail when they are connected via SMTP. When you use ETRN to connect to a server, your ser
 What is SURBL? Article ID: 353
 SURBL (Spam URI Realtime Blocklist) - Unlike the use of RBLs, which filter on the From email address only, SURBLs allow you to filter and block messages based on spam domains that appear within the message bodies. Additional information on SURBL is ava
 Configuring VisNetic MailServer as a Backup Server Article ID: 555
 The most common solution for basic redundancy is to deploy VisNetic MailServer with a backup server. VisNetic MailServer with backup mail server in a roll-over solution. This solution is easy and cost effective. There is basic redundancy for this so
 AntiSpam Logs, what does [Bypass=X] mean? Article ID: 566
 VisNetic MailServer 8.x (for version 9 see below)When by-passing is applied to AntiSpam the log will reference a by-pass number in brackets. This number will need to be converted from hexidecimal to binary. The matching binary b
 Setup a Domain Article ID: 34
 VisNetic MailServerVisNetic MailServer supports multiple domains, built around the concepts of a primary domain and one or more secondary domains. There is no particular difference between a primary and a secondary domain. You should realize t
 Client session Delivery error permanent problems with the remote server Article ID: 633
 This article applies to VisNetic MailServer 9.x.x. It's possible that VisNetic MailServer will not retry delivery when non-permanent delivery errors are returned by a receiving server. For example, lets say that VisNetic MailServer is sending mail to a re
 VisNetic MailServer AntiSpam Tools Article ID: 563
 VisNetic MailServer includes the flexibility to allow organizations to determine what spam is to them, and filter the appropriate amount of messages according to their definition. While no one antispam technology blocks 100% of spam, a combination of
 Configuring DomainKeys (Sending) VisNetic MailServer 8.x ONLY Article ID: 479
 Quick Start - VisNetic MailServer 8.x ONLYUnder the DomainKey tab in the Management section, check Active. Enter a selector name, any name will do. Leave domain blank. Select nofws canonicalization. Click Generate private key,
 Content Filter tips Article ID: 556
 Content filters are very powerful providing you with the ability to take action on just about any type of message. You can create an unlimited number of content filters, however, the more filters you create the larger demand you will put on your system, w
 Spoofed Addresses Article ID: 61
 VisNetic MailServerIt is a common practice for trojans, viruses, worms and spam email to spoof a fake return address. It has nothing to do with your use of VisNetic MailServer and there is nothing that you or anyone else can do about it. It i
 Web / Control Service does not auto start after reboot Article ID: 627
 When you start a computer that is running several different server services you may receive an error that the service timed out during startup. This issue may occur if the service times out before it starts successfully. This issue is more likely to oc
 What is the Server Reference Key? Article ID: 31
 The Server Reference Key (SRK) is generated by unique identifiers in your computer for which VisNetic MailServer is installed. Uninstalling and reinstalling VisNetic MailServer 6, 7, or 8 on the same computer will result in the same SRK. The final Reg
 How to use LDAP - VisNetic MailServer 7.x and 8.x only Article ID: 5
 To use LDAP in VisNetic MailServer 7 or 8 you must have the Pro version of VisNetic MailServer and it must be installed on Windows 2000 Pro, Server, XP or NT4 (v8 or higher does not support NT4). VisNetic MailServer configuration:1.
 How to use LDAP - VisNetic MailServer 9.x only Article ID: 646
 To use LDAP in VisNetic MailServer 9.x you must have the Professional version or are currently in trial mode. LDAP is an acronym for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. LDAP, also known as a Directory System Agent (DSA), allows you to locate or
 This error usually indicates that the sending server dropped the connection. For example, as the session progresses where each server (sending = >) returns commands you can see that VisNetic is waiting for DATA from the sending server.
 How fast is VisNetic MailServer's SMTP? Article ID: 565
 Quite honestly - there's no way for any MTA provider (hosted, or otherwise) to know how fast their "real world" delivery will be. The reason is that you have no control over what each individual SMTP session is going to encounter in the de
 Creating An ODBC Database With Microsoft SQL For Mailing Lists In VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 94
 VisNetic MailServer This article explains how to create an ODBC database with Microsofts SQL 7.0 or SQL 2000. ODBC allows you to store users/domains in database tables to easily modify/maintain large user bases. Another advantage is if you hav
 AntiSpam Logs, what does [Reason=X] mean? Article ID: 481
 Interpreting AntiSpam Logging Options Include: No Logging - If both checkoxes are off, the logging is switched off. Debug Logging - The most detailed logging will be used showing all AntiSpam proceedings. Summary Logging - Only the general s
 Unable to send email through VisNetic WebMail Article ID: 29
 By default, VisNetic WebMail sends all email to localhost on port 25. If localhost or port 25 is not available to Webmail you may not be able to send mail. One reason maybe the host file setup on the VisNetic Webmail machine. The host file for windows
 Spam Reporting and Troubleshooting - VisNetic MailServer 9.x Article ID: 658
 Spam report troubleshooting tips. AntiSpam - Action - Reports tab Sender: From: Spam Report < > Report Mode: New Items Engine URL: http://your_mx_record:32000/challenge/ Note: The domain used
 Migrate AntiSpam/Challenge database to version 9 SQLite database Article ID: 625
 This article applies to upgrades from version to version 9.x, or 9.x to 9.x upgrades. After the upgrade you may notice that the Challenge Response information is no longer available, which in the new Webmail versions 9 is in the Quarantine fold
 Backing up VisNetic MailServer Configuration Article ID: 62
 VisNetic MailServer 7 - 8 and 9   Creating a backup file will save the majority of your configuration settings, including system configuration, domains, users, and the Groupware database. The backup can restore all settin
 Trial Period Warning Message when using Remote Admin Article ID: 532
 This article applies to VisNetic MailServer 8.x - 9.x and IceWarp Mail Server 9.4.3 Question: I'm getting a trial period warning every time I start the VMS or IceWarp remote admin program. The message is something like "This is day 5 of your 30
 How to read or find the logs Article ID: 666
 Logging - this article applies to VisNetic MailServer 8x - 9.x and IceWarp Mail Server When troubleshooting, or simply trying to learn how the system works, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the logs. Debug and Summary logging provides the mo
 Transferring Domain from one server to another - VisNetic or IceWarp Article ID: 64
 This article applies to VisNetic MailServer v7 - 9 and IceWarp 9 Version 7 - 7.6.1 On the Source Server: 1. From a command window navigate to the following location (default): C:\Program Files\\VisNetic MailServer\ Typ
 How to configure Auto-Archiving so it can be viewed from Webmail Article ID: 451
 When VisNetic MailServer (VMS) Auto-Archives mail it saves the message file extension as a .tmp (previous to v8.3). This file extension can not be viewed with an IMAP email client (VMS only reads .imap files for IMAP). However you can use Webmail to view
 Install or remove services for VisNetic MailServer or IceWarp Article ID: 635
 VisNetic MailServer services can be installed or removed using command line prompts. Some reasons you may need to remove or install the services manually is when the installation was interrupted or there was a system failure causing corruption, or your in
 SMTP receipt flowchart Article ID: 70
 VisNetic MailServerTo gain a better understanding of the SMTP mail flow as it relates to the numerous filter options available in VisNetic MailServer please review the flow chart located at:  
 Using The MDaemon-To-VisNetic MailServer Migration Utility Article ID: 89
 VisNetic MailServer This article guides users through the necessary steps for running the MDaemon - to - VisNetic MailServer migration utility.Note: Currently the migration utility is only compatible with MD
 Creating A List Server In VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 92
 VisNetic MailServer This article will bring you through the steps for creating a list server in VisNetic MailServer. The list server is used for accepting/processing list commands. A list server does not store / contain your list members email
 Restricting users from deleting messages Article ID: 294
 VisNetic MailServer We recommend using the IMAP Shared folder feature. This will require that each user logs in to their own account using a compatible IMAP email client. This does not work with VisNetic WebMail.Make sure each user a
 VisNetic WebMail Personalities Article ID: 77
 VisNetic MailServer This article explains how to setup VisNetic WebMail account Personalities. Personalities are alternate email addresses (From: address) for a user account.For example, John has an email address, j
 Creating Mailing Lists In VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 96
 VisNetic MailServer A list contains all the email addresses for the list members. The list does not accept list commands, such as to subscribe and unsubscribe, this is handled by the list server.For the purposes of this example we wi
 3rd Party Certs with DomainKeys Article ID: 490
 Q: Our mail server already has a signed computer certificate configured & signed by a well known 3rd party. Is it possible to configure our DomainKey (TXT) record to use this? A: Yes it is possible. Since you already have a configured cer
 Restore VisNetic MailServer Configurations From A Backup File Article ID: 26
 VisNetic MailServer 7 - 8   You must have previously created a backup file to restore configuration. See Backup Configuration article on how to backup your configuration.   
 Configuring VisNetic MailServer WebMail On Port 80 Article ID: 81
 VisNetic MailServer This article explains the necessary steps to run WebMail on port 80 to allow end-users to access the WebMail logon without having to specify :port/mail within the URL.From Within Windows Explorer
 How to block messages that cause Outlook to hang Article ID: 381
 VisNetic MailServerOutlook hangs when downloading messages, causing the same message to be downloaded many times in a row and other messages cannot be downloaded. Spammers and hackers have found new ways to harm Outlook users. Outlook, as well as
 Upgrade from 8.5 to 9.1.4 does not include UK holidays Article ID: 622
 Years 2007 and 2008 are missing from the UK holidays. The work-around to populate these holiday years is to go to the following location on the VisNetic MailServer computer, this is only the default location, C:\Program Files\\VisNetic Mai
 VisNetic MailServer Check List Article ID: 584
 Before installing System Requirements Minimum Hardware Requirements
 SMTP session hangs or gets stuck Article ID: 586
 Scenario #1 After the following log entry the SMTP session times out (default 5 minutes). Note: this is a rare scenario and only recommended for advanced users. >>> 354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
 How to convert plain text address books to the Groupware database Article ID: 620
 This article applies only to upgrades from VisNetic MailServer 8.x to 9.x Before following these steps to convert plain text address books to database please review the following article for migrating the old Groupware database to the new version 9 dat
 Upgrade VisNetic MailServer 8.5 to 9 Article ID: 638
 The upgrade from v8.5 to v9 is fairly straight forward when it come to installing the software over top of your existing version. The installer will detect that you are upgrading from a previous version and will determine if your upgrade protection is val
 Upgrading from a previous version of VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 572
 This article is a general overview of the requirements to install an upgrade of VisNetic MailServer. It is not intended for any specific version of VisNetic MailServer and may not include all upgrade requirements for certain versions of VisNetic MailServe
 Install VisNetic MailServer Article ID: 585
 Prior to installing VisNetic MailServer please review the VisNetic MailServer Check List. This article is a general overview of the req
 Configure MySQL driver or MySQL ODBC 3.51 support Article ID: 636
 This article only applies to VisNetic MailServer 9.x You can use ODBC (MySQL ODBC 3.51 required) or MySQL driver to connect to MySQL using any of the DB options in VisNetic MailServer. MySQL Driver Support After you have downloaded and in
 Use MySQL with Webmail's PDO database Article ID: 647
 This article only applies to VisNetic MailServer 9.x. If you have 50+ Webmail users you may want to use MySQL for PDO connections used for Webmail caching. This could increase Webmail performance on high capacity systems. Before configuring the PDO
 Migrate version 8.5 Groupware database to version 9 Article ID: 628
 After upgrading version 8.5 to version 9 you may need to migrate the old Groupware database to the new database.Before migrating the data make sure that Groupware is activated and that the Groupware service is started. Failure to check thes
 Where can I find the status of my Upgrade Protection? Article ID: 270
 This article applies to VisNetic MailServer Upgrade Protection allows you to install newer versions of VisNetic MailServer to take advantage of new features and fixes. The number of days remaining on your Upgrade Protection is listed in the License Inf
 Local error processing - SMTP logs Article ID: 401
 This article applies to VisNetic MailServer and IceWarp Mail Server Local error processing is generated by the SMTP server when it can not access the local drive, a mapped drive, or a temp file saved by the SMTP server, the file may be locked, or is in
 Create Signed SSL Certificates - VisNetic and IceWarp Mail Server Article ID: 477
 This article applies to VisNetic Mail Server and IceWarp Mail Server Creating a signed certificate from a trusted authority, such as, GoDaddy, Verisign, Digicert, etc... will eliminate the warning message associated with the certificate included with V
 How to control relaying - receive 'We do not relay' error. Article ID: 356
 This article applies to VisNetic Mail Server and IceWarp Mail Server. When a message is received and it is to a remote address (to a domain that is not in the Accounts button or Management version 8-9) it must be authorized using one of four re
 Export Accounts or Domains to File - VisNetic MailServer 8.5 or higher and IceWarp Mail Server Article ID: 657
 This article applies to VisNetic MailServer 8.5 or higher and IceWarp Mail Server The tool.exe included with VisNetic MailServer 8.5 or higher and IceWarp Mail Server can be used to export account information to file. The export will create a comma del
 Import Accounts From File - VisNetic MailServer 8.5 or higher and IceWarp Mail Server Article ID: 656
 This article applies to VisNetic MailServer 8.5 or higher and IceWarp Mail Server The tool.exe included with VisNetic MailServer 8.5 or higher and IceWarp Mail Server can be used to import account information from file. The import file must be comma de
 Move VisNetic MailServer to a new computer Article ID: 567
 This article assumes you are running VisNetic MailServer 9.x. Options defined in this article and in the admin console may be in slightly different locations or may be defined differently depending on the version you are running, please search the help fi
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