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 How do I customize the appearance of the Kerio Webmail? Article ID: 334
 Located in 'install path/Kerio/MailServer/webmail' are two files: Logo.gif and style.css. Logo.gif is the Kerio Corporate logo that appears in the top right corner of the webmail. You may replace this image with your own company logo, however the ima
 What RFCs does Kerio MailServer support? Article ID: 335
 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) RFC 3207 SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over Transport Layer SecurityRFC 2920 SMTP Service Extension for Command PipeliningRFC 2821 Simple
 Kerio MailServer Quick Checklist Article ID: 377
 Kerio MailServer Quick Checklist   This Quick Checklist gives you a basic step-by-step guide to quickly set up Kerio MailServer so that it can function as a mail server for you
 Why is my email client program telling me that the DNS name in the SSL certificate does not match the server address? Article ID: 336
 When you connect to an SSL secured server, the SSL certificate gives you an assurance that the server is the valid owner of the domain you are connecting to. For instance, when you connect to https://www.amazon.com/, the SSL certificate on their serv
 Moving Kerio MailServer Article ID: 452
 It is not uncommon for customers to request assistance in moving Kerio MailServer to another system. Whether migrating to a more robust server or trying a new operating system, customers need to be certain that email will be accessible immediately on boot
 Why can't I authenticate to Webmail or through my email client software? Article ID: 337
 KMS supports 6 types of authentication methods (located in advanced options -> security policy). If you have disabled any of these methods of authentication it may prevent some types of client access. If the login is for a user in any domain other than
 Secondary MX Record Article ID: 483
 Many customers are interested in solutions that prevent unexpected disruption of email service. But what about short-term disruptions due to routine maintenance or system reboot? What about Internet or power outages that may last only a few minutes?
 Is there a convenient way for a list moderator or administrator to mass subscribe people? Article ID: 338
 After creating a mailing list in KMS, a members file is created in ..\Kerio\MailServer\store\lists\domain_name\list_name. This file can be directly modified through a text editor or some type of custom script. The members file is in the following format:
 How to use the BlackBerry Internet Service with the Kerio MailServer Article ID: 543
 This article describes how to configure the Kerio MailServer and BlackBerry Internet Service (formerly referred to as BlackBerry Web Client) to send and receive your Kerio email account with the BlackBerry Internet Service. Note: This feature does not
 Why am I getting multiple copies of an email? Article ID: 339
 You can change this behaviour in the Configuration -> POP3 Download -> (Select account) -> Edit -> Drop duplicate messages option.   If you use a single POP3 mailbox from your ISP for all your users, then sort
 I've been training the spam filter but I'm still receiving the same spam emails Article ID: 546
 Problem   Users have been training Kerio MailServer by marking messages as spam, or moving messages to the Junk Email folder, however they continue to receive the same spam emails.   Solution
 Why does a user not get an email if he's in Cc or Bcc? Article ID: 340
 You can change this behaviour in the Configuration -> POP3 Download -> (Select account) -> Edit -> Drop duplicate messages option.     If you use a single POP3 mailbox from
 How does Bayesian Self Learning Work Article ID: 547
 There are many problems associated with detecting spam for the final recipient of an email. It is important to understand these problems in order to understand what Bayesian self-learning is and how it fits into Kerio Mail Server's solution for spam
 POP3 connection fails during download Article ID: 341
 Problem Downloading mail via POP3 fails part way through. No mail is deleted, so the next download attempts to download the same mails, and fails at the same point.  
 Why can't I connect to Kerio MailServer with the Administration Console? Article ID: 342
 If a Connection failed warning is displayed after you try to connect, it could be due to one of the following issues: Incorrect user name or password. Make sure that these are correct and bear in mind that the password is case sensit
 How do I configure KMS to use an alternate port? Article ID: 558
  Problem It is common for ISP's to block access to external SMTP servers on port 25. This causes issues when end-users need to send mail from their home internet connection through the Ke
 How do I install my Kerio MailServer License? Article ID: 327
 After purchasing Kerio MailServer, you will receive a license number in the format xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx with instructions for registration. This number may be registered in one of two ways, either from within the product itself or on our website.
 How do I get a valid, signed SSL certificate for Kerio MailServer? Article ID: 343
 To improve security of webmail access, it is recommended to enforce the use of secure webmail over the plaintext version. This will ensure that nobody can tap the communication in order to learn someone's password, or read their emails. The drawback
 What are the concurrent connections that KMS can support? Article ID: 559
  Generally on a single-server, KMS can handle the following: 400 IMAP/MAPI connections, or 1000 POP connections, or <700 WebMail connections Please note, Outlook with
 Can I run anti-virus software to scan the local system on which Kerio MailServer resides? Article ID: 328
 This is generally not recommended; however, you may run such a configuration if the anti-virus product is configured not to scan files in the Kerio subdirectories.
 Transferring a signed SSL certificate from Internet Information Server into Kerio MailServer Article ID: 344
 Export the private key from IIS: Open the Internet Information Services administration console located in the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools. Select the properties
 What handheld devices are supported with Kerio MailServer? Article ID: 560
  The table below lists support for handheld devices. Other devices may work, but are not supported by Kerio.
 What settings can I import from WinRoute and how? Article ID: 329
 If Kerio MailServer is installed on the WinRoute computer you can pull settings from WinRoute during the installation. If you skip this step during installation you can return to this dialog by executing cfgWizard.exe from the 'install path/kerio/mai
 How do I re-index a user's inbox if it has become corrupt? Article ID: 345
 A user reports an error when trying to retrieve their messages. The Kerio MailServer error log reports: Cannot access message 0000000x in folder ~someone@somedomain.com/INBOX
 Can I run KMS and IIS on the same computer? Article ID: 561
  Yes. Kerio MailServer can be run on the same server as IIS, though a strategy must be devised since both applications will use some of the same ports. As an example, Kerio MailServer and IIS will bo
 How do I reset the password for a user if I've lost access to the administration? Article ID: 330
 The password for an administrator account can be reset by modifying some settings in the users.cfg file. Stop the engine for Kerio MailServer by right clicking on the engine monitor icon in the systray and selecting 'Stop Kerio MailS
 How do I restore my Kerio MailServer data, users, and settings from a backup? Article ID: 346
 A safeguard needs to be in place in case of hardware or operating system failure.   Solution Note: If the operating system or computer with the MailServer
 Optimizing spam protection in Kerio MailServer Article ID: 577
 Optimizing spam protection in Kerio MailServer Kerio MailServer ships with many built-in features to fight spam. On a default installation, many of these features are disabled. Because Spam is not an exact science, there are consequences wh
 Does Kerio MailServer support server side ETRN command? Article ID: 331
 Yes. If you create a forward domain from the 'Domains' dialog of the Kerio MailServer administration you must enable the option 'Queue until triggered by ETRN'.
 I'm receiving attachments named "winmail.dat," and I can't open them. How do I fix this? Article ID: 347
 The sender is using Outlook or Outlook Express. To fix the problem they should set their mail software use Plain Text instead of Rich Text and then resend the attachment. This problem is discussed in
 Microsoft ActiveSync┬« connection problems Article ID: 579
 This article describes possible problems with Microsoft ActiveSync┬« over the air synchronization protocol. Microsoft ActiveSync┬« uses the HTTP/HTTPS protocols for communication with Kerio M
 How do I send an autoreply message? Article ID: 332
 The autoreply feature of Kerio MailServer is configured in webmail. Log into webmail. Click on the Settings button located near the top of the page. Click on Filters and Notifications in
 How do I find my license key and version number in Kerio MailServer? Article ID: 348
 Connect to the Adminstration console for Kerio Mail Server: Click on the Start menu and go to Programs, then Kerio, and then Administration Console. In the 'Connect to server' window, set
 Support code: 0x80072F06 Article ID: 580
 When the Windows Mobile device is being synchronized using the HTTPS protocol the following error message appears: You have an incorrect SSL certificate common name in the Host Name
 What ports are used by Kerio MailServer for remote administration? Article ID: 333
 Kerio MailServer uses TCP port 44337 for management of settings and UDP port 44337 for transmission of log data.
 I'm receiving attachments named "winmail.dat," and I can't open them. How do I fix this? Article ID: 366
 The sender is using Outlook or Outlook Express. To fix the problem they should set their mail software use Plain Text instead of Rich Text and then resend the attachment. This problem is discussed in
 Kerio MailServer Quick Start Checklist Article ID: 626
 Kerio MailServer Quick Checklist
 Kerio MailServer - System Requirements Article ID: 557
 Kerio MailServer - System Requirements SERVER Hardware - PC Minimum CPU 500 MHz, 256 MB RAM Recommended CPU
 Kerio MailServer Technical Overview Article ID: 376
 The intention of this article is to provide a brief, straight forward, functional description of how Kerio MailServer interacts with the local Operating System, and to provide a technical summary of its primary features.
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