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 Redirecting users to the authentication page does not work, the page cannot be displayed Article ID: 44
 WinRoute Firewall Problem Redirecting users to the authentication page does not work, the page cannot be displayed. Solution If WinRoute is configured to
 Does Kerio WinRoute Firewall support PPPoE Article ID: 550
  Answer   Yes. Kerio WinRoute Firewall does support PPPoE, however there are a number of different types of PPPoE protocol drivers, and some are known to work better than others when co
 WinRoute Firewall & DNS2Go Article ID: 11
 WinRoute Firewall To allow DNS2Go to work with Kerio WinRoute Firewall follow these steps: Open WinRoute Firewall Click on the Traffic Policy option under the Configuration Tree Click Add After clicki
 How do I set up NTLM authentication to work with WinRoute Firewall? Article ID: 45
 WinRoute Firewall Summary WinRoute Firewall supports NTLM authentication, so that users can authenticate to the firewall without having to type in their username and password on the firewall\'s login
 Creating User Accounts and Groups Article ID: 12
 WinRoute Firewall Creating User Accounts and Groups Go to the Users and Groups / Users section to create user accounts for all users within the local network. If a Windo
 How do I find my license key and version number in WinRoute Firewall? Article ID: 47
 WinRoute Firewall Connect to the Adminstration console for Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6 Click on the Start menu and go to Programs, then Kerio, and then Administration Console.
 WinRoute Firewall and WinGate Article ID: 48
 WinRoute FirewallWinRoute Firewall can not be installed on the same computer as WinGate. You must uninstall WinGate before you can install WinRoute Firewall.To uninstall WinGate go to Start - Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Prog
 AOL WebMail Article ID: 49
 WinRoute Firewall Unable to use AOL WebMail with WinRoute Firewall with either the transparent proxy or non-transparent proxy server on port 3128 enabled. The temporary solution is to disable the protocol inspector
 How do I reset the Admin password Article ID: 16
 WinRoute Firewall The password for an administrator account can be reset by modifying some settings in the users.cfg file. Stop the engine for WinRoute Firewall by right clicking on the engine monitor icon in the systray and
 What is a Protocol Inspector Article ID: 17
 WinRoute Firewall A protocol inspector is a part of WinRoute Firewall that understands high-level Internet languages, like HTTP or FTP. It is called an inspector because it looks at the traffic before allowing it though.
 Address and URL Groups Article ID: 56
 WinRoute Firewall Address Groups groups allow the administrator to easily define restricted access to certain services, such as remote administration. Each group will be given a name during configuration. Groups can include combinations
 Content Filtering / AntiVirus Scanning Configuration Article ID: 20
 WinRoute Firewall Any supported external antivirus application that you intend to use must be installed first. The McAfee antivirus application is integrated into
 What is Anti-Spoofing Article ID: 39
 WinRoute Firewall Spoofing is the process of translating the IP address of a given packet so that a firewall will believe the request came from a trusted source. Although the packet cannot be routed back to the initial source, there is potentia
 P2P Eliminator Article ID: 59
  Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are world-wide distributed systems, where each node can represent both a client and a server. These networks are used for sharing big volumes of data (mostly used for illegal data sharing). There are many similar networ
 What is NTLM Authentication Article ID: 40
 WinRoute Firewall NTLM is an authentication protocol used in various Microsoft network protocol implementations and is also used throughout Microsoft\'s systems as an integrated single sign-on mechanism. If you use Microsoft Internet Explore
 Configure Servers behind WinRoute Firewall Article ID: 391
 How to allow access from the Internet to servers behind WinRoute Firewall.   This article will explain two types of rule configurations that will grant access to servers (web, email, etc...) on the WinRoute Firewall comp
 How do I backup the configuration Article ID: 41
 WinRoute Firewall Backup and Import of Configuration All WinRoute configuration data is stored in the following files under the same directory where WinRoute is installed: winroute.cfg Chief configuration file users.cfg Information about gr
 Configuring an email client behind WinRoute Firewall Article ID: 447
 The email clients behind WinRoute Firewall will be configured per your ISP's instructions when connecting to mail servers outside your network. If you have your own mail server and that mail server is on your private network you would configure
 Network Interface Configuration Article ID: 18
 WinRoute Firewall Network Interface Configurations
 Conflicting Software Article ID: 53
 WinRoute Firewall Conflicting Software The WinRoute host can be used as a workstation, however it is not recommended as user activity can affect the functionality of the operating system and WinRoute in a negative way.
 WinRoute Firewall 6 System Requirements Article ID: 54
 WinRoute Firewall System Requirements Requirements on minimal hardware parameters of the host where WinRoute will b
 External Authentication and Importing of user accounts Article ID: 57
 WinRoute Firewall External authentication and import of user accounts WinRoute supports the following methods of saving of user accounts and of user authentication: Internal user database user accounts and their passwords are saved
 WinRoute Firewall Web Configurtion URL Parameters Article ID: 55
 WinRoute Firewall WinRoute contains a special Web server that can be used for several purposes, such as an interface for user connections, dial-up control or cache management. This Web server is available over SSL or using st
 I can connect to my www, ftp, or mail servers from Internet, but not from the local network, why? Article ID: 46
 WinRoute Firewall If you are trying to connect to the domain associated with your local servers (on the private LAN) you will need to use WinRoute's DNS forwarder and modify the host file. The problem is that the domain is resolving to the p
 How do I configure WinRoute Firewall to allow Remote Administration? Article ID: 43
 WinRoute Firewall During installation When you startup WinRoute Firewall for the first time all network traffic will be blocked for security reasons. This is so you can build a set of trusted
 Web Interface and User Authentication Article ID: 22
 WinRoute Firewall Web Interface and User Authentication WinRoute Firewall contains a special Web server that can be used for several purposes, such as an interface for user connections, dial-up control or cache managem
 FTP Policy Configuration Article ID: 19
 WinRoute Firewall FTP Policy Configuration
 What is Stateful Packet Inspection Article ID: 15
 WinRoute Firewall With Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), every time a packet is sent out of the computer, the firewall keeps track of it. When a packet comes back to the firewall, the firewall can tell whether or not the in-bound
 WinRoute Firewall and UPnP Article ID: 13
 WinRoute Firewall UPnP is short for Universal Plug and Play. UPnP is a method of having networks "just work" without the user having to configure the firewall. A UPnP application running on a LAN can define its own NAT translatio
 Web Rules Configuration Article ID: 10
 WinRoute Firewall Web Rules Definition
 How to log out of WinRoute Firewall when logging out of Windows Article ID: 450
 WinRoute Firewall can be configured to authenticate to an NT Domain Controller (see WinRoute Firewall Admin manual for proper configuration) either using the WinRoute Firewall login page:
 Cobion ISS OrangeWeb Filter Settings Article ID: 58
 Cobion ISS OrangeWeb Filter can be set and configured from the WinRoute Firewall Admin. There are three locations for configuration, all three must be enabled for Cobion ISS OrangeWeb Filter to work. The first is under Configuration / Conte
 Quick Setup Guide Article ID: 14
 WinRoute Firewall Here is a brief guide for a quick setup of WinRoute Firewall (called briefly WinRoute in further text). After this setup the firewall should be immediately available and able to share your Internet connection and pro
 Maximum number of network adapters - Kerio VMware Appliance Article ID: 777
 Kerio Appliance does not have any limit for number of network interfaces. However the limit may be applied by the version of virtual hardware of the VMware which can limit this number to 4, 8 or more interfaces depending on the version of VMware hardware
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