Sep 18, 2020 
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 '500 Internal Server Error' Accessing WebMail After Installation of Version 8 Article ID: 394
 This error is generally caused by wrong Application Mappings in new Web server that is included in VisNetic MailServer. To resolve this issue edit the mappings as follows:   Go to Web Service menu option then click the Se
 Webmail will not work Article ID: 489
 Restoring a version 7.x backup in version 8 will result in the lose of Webmail functionality, and typically that's the only problem, but other unknown problems could occur. It's recommended that you restore only the same version backup with the insta
 How to enable verbose logging in Webmail. Article ID: 591
 Webmail logging is located in several different locations depending on the type of logging you want to perform. The following logging options are available. Service status logging Open the VisNetic MailServer admin, select
 PHP Webmail troubleshooting Article ID: 395
 If you have PHP installed on the same computer as VisNetic MailServer it is possible that Webmail will use the php.ini configuration file of PHP instead of the wmi.ini configuration file that comes with Webmail (..\VisNetic MailServer\PHP\).
 Forwarded PDF attachments are corrupt Article ID: 629
 This article applies to VisNetic Webmail version a version Webmail user receives an email with a PDF attachment (possibly others attachments, such as, docx and doc files) and they forward the email using the forward option i
 Webmail PDO error or Web Control Service will not start Article ID: 623
 This article applies to VisNetic MailServer version 9.x. Webmail may return a PDO error if the PHP configuration file is not using the default settings. Make sure these extensions are enabled in ..\VisNetic MailServer\php\php.ini file: extension=php
 How to restore VisNetic Webmail Article ID: 582
 This article applies to version 8.x and 9.x. 1. Check to see what version of VisNetic MailServer you are running by opening the VisNetic Admin, select Help, Release Notes. Make a note of your version. 2. Backup VisNetic MailServer using this
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