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 DDNS Client for MAC & Linux Article ID: 764
 The DNS2Go update service is compatible with the inadyn client. The client may be downloaded from: Inadyn installs to MAC and Linux systems. To use the inadyn client with the DNS2Go service
 How to insert Registration Details for DNS2Go Linux Client Article ID: 574
 To insert your DNS2Go registration details into the DNS2Go Linux client follow these steps: 1) Navigate to the /etc directory 2) type in vi dns2go.conf 3) Modify the following lines #Fully qualified domain name (required) domain = #Key (require
 Create service so DNS2Go starts when Ubuntu starts Article ID: 750
 This article applies to DNS2Go Linux Debian 2.2 download and Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 1. Open terminal and type the following, cd /etc/init.d/ 2. Next open a new file using nano, or your choice of text editors, to create a script that will start DNS2
 DNS2Go Linux Client Article ID: 241
 DNS2Go After downloading the Linux Client tar.gz file, change directory to the location of the file and type: tar -zxvf d2gsetup*.gz or
 DNS2Go Perl Client Article ID: 243
 DNS2Go DNS2Go Perl Client Note: The perl client can only update your domains IP address and cannot set any other online or offline settings. Before you can use the perl client, you must download and install the per
 Setting up DNS2Go on Windows Article ID: 662
 It is recommended that you sign up for your DNS2Go domain name before installing the DNS2Go client. If you have not done so, please visit the Signup Page to set up your DNS2Go service. This is r
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