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 Setup Guide - Port Forwarding to a Web Server with Linksys Routers Article ID: 665
 1) Select and Install a web server of your choice on the PC you wish to use as a Server. You first need to Install and Configure the server or host computer with the web server software. Some popular web servers are Microsoft IIS and
 Configuring the DNS2Go Time Sync Article ID: 267
 DNS2Go Using the Time Sync The DNS2Go Time Sync offers a number of features to help keep your system clock set to the correct time. This feature can be especially useful for FTP Servers that need accurate time information for the
 Domain Groups Article ID: 613
 When using DNS2Go with multiple domains the only way possible for all of the domains to resolve to the same IP address is via Domain Groups Domain Groups can be setup in the
 DNS2Go and Facebook Article ID: 654
  Why Use DNS2Go to link to your Facebook address? You can easily direct friends to your Facebook page by simply saying your DNS2Go d
 DNS2Go and Facebook Pages Article ID: 655
  Facebook Pages is a great way to integrate a specific Product, Serv
 Setting up Virtual Hosts on IIS 5 Article ID: 251
 DNS2Go Setting up Virtual Hosts on IIS 5 To setup IIS 5 on Windows 2000 Server: NOTE: Only IIS 5 on Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server have virtual host support. IIS on Windows 2000 Pro only supports one hos
 Scheduling a DNS2Go Dial-Up Event Article ID: 266
 DNS2Go Scheduling a Dial-Up Event DNS2Go can be scheduled to make a connection at pre-determined times. This can help you keep your site posted at the same time every day, even when you can't be at your computer. It can also help
 Setup Guide - Custom DNS Records Article ID: 663
 To create custom DNS records for DNS2Go . Follow these Knowledge Base Articles:
 Abyss Web Server with DNS2Go Article ID: 774
 What is Abyss Web Server? Abyss Web Server turns your computer in a full-featured web server. Abyss Web Server was designed with both novice and experimented users in mind. That's why it is easy to use and incredibly powerful. Ideal for use with D
 Setup Guide - Creating a website in IIS Article ID: 664
 A good majority of computers come with a Web Server pre-installed on the Operating System. IIS 6.0, included with Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. IIS 7.0 was a complete redesign and rewrite of IIS, and was shipped with
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