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 How do I change my Email Address or Password for my account? Article ID: 670
 How do I change my Email Address and/or password To change the Email Address and/or Password on your DNS2Go Account you need to follow these steps: Login to the DNS2Go Account Manager Click on Account Sett
 Where is the DNS2Go Acceptable Use Policy? Article ID: 673
 Where is the DNS2Go Acceptable Use Policy? The Acceptable Use Policy can be found HERE
 How do I add a domain to my DNS2Go Account? Article ID: 668
 How do I add a domain to my DNS2Go Account? To add a domain to your DNS2Go Account you will need to first ensure that your account is a multiple domain account and that you have not used all of the domains your account allows. Once
 How do I delete a domain name from my DNS2Go Account? Article ID: 669
 How do I delete a domain name from my DNS2Go Account? First you will need to ensure that you are not deleting the only domain in your account. You will need to contact the DNS2Go Sales Team to perform this action. When del
 What DNS records are created when my domain goes online with DNS2Go? Article ID: 671
 What DNS records are created when my domain goes online with DNS2Go? When your domain goes online the following records are created automatically: A Record Wild-card A Record MX record
 How can I find out my External IP Address? Article ID: 672
 How Can I Find Out My External IP Address? There are two easy ways to find out your External IP address: Open the DNS2Go Client Click on the Status tab In the Domain Status section, your Exte
 Will DNS2Go work with my DirecPC (or other one-way) satellite connection? Article ID: 287
 DNS2Go No, DNS2Go will see the IP address of your modem and try to connect through that, not the satellite IP address. No workaround is available at this time. Note: Two-way satellite systems (DirecPC4, Starband, etc.) operate properly with
 What is the DNS2Go acceptable use policy? Article ID: 286
 The DNS2Go Acceptable Use Policy can be found here: Acceptable Use Policy
 Does the DNS2Go service support International domains (ccTLDs)? Article ID: 283
 DNS2Go Because DNS is so flexible; we are able to support nearly any ccTLD. We have thousands of Primary domains registered to countries outside the US, for example Argentina, Australia, and Germany. Please follow the
 Does DNS2Go have a published API? Article ID: 630
 The DNS2Go Application Programming Interface (API) is a series of programming commands that allow you to perform actions in lieu of an online interface.
 How do I change the email address associated with my DNS2Go account? Article ID: 292
 DNS2Go To change the email address on your DNS2Go account, please follow these steps: 1) Go to http://dns2go.deerfield.net  2) Select Account Manager from the left navigation 3) Enter your DNS2Go login details
 How do I change my DNS2Go domain name? Article ID: 290
 DNS2Go To change your DNS2Go domain name, do the following: Log into the account manager, located at: http://www.dns2go.com/account_admin/index.aspx After logging in, you will be presented with a list of your exist
 Host a Web Site Article ID: 570
  The idea of sharing your pictures, events, and information over the Internet doesn't need to seem intimidating anymore! Surprisingly, hosting a Web site from you
 How DNS2Go works with an Email Server Article ID: 593
 When using DNS2Go along with an Email Server Your domain must be configured in your mail server to be able to receive mail. If your domain is not configured in the mail server, then its very likely that your mailserver will reject the
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