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 Automatically Populate Instant Messaging Shared Roster Article ID: 695
 This article applies to IceWarp version 10 or higher. The new Instant Messaging client in Webmail, or a software messaging client that supports jabber, can automatically populate it's roster by creating a roster.dat file in your domains configuration f
 Backup and Restore Groupware Calendars or Events Article ID: 742
 This article applies to IceWarp version 10.x or higher and explains options available to the IceWarp admin and the Groupware user for backing up and restoring Calendar or Contact data. There are several ways to backup and restore Calendar Events. The
 Troubleshoot self-signed certificate problems Article ID: 751
 This article applies to IceWarp version 10 If the certificate in IceWarp can not be read or if the cert.pem file is missing the SSL/TLS ports for any of the services will not start. For example, the SMTP service listens on 465 for secure SMTP traffic.
 Upgrade IceWarp 9.4.3 to IceWarp v10 Article ID: 694
 This article applies to IceWarp 9.4.3 or higher. For instrucitons on upgrading VisNetic MailServer please refer to this article: Summary of ho
 How to switch between VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in and Avast Antivirus Article ID: 680
 This article applies to IceWarp Mail Server 9.4.3 or higher. If you purchased a VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in license or an Avast Antivirus license for IceWarp Mail Server 9.4.3 or higher and are not able to enable the purchased product from the Admin con
 Move IceWarp Mail Server to a New Computer Article ID: 696
 This article assumes you are running IceWarp Mail Server 10.x or higher. Options in the admin console for older versions of IceWarp Mail Server may be in slightly different locations, please search the help file (press F1) to find more information on how
 Moving VisNetic MailServer to another computer (after July 1, 2009) Article ID: 678
 This article applies only when moving an existing installation of VisNetic MailServer 9.x to another computer. VisNetic MailServer license keys are associated with a Server Reference Key specific to the computer on which it is installed. If VisNetic Mai
 How to convert your VisNetic MailServer Key to IceWarp Mail Server Key Article ID: 676
 This article applies only when migrating from VisNetic MailServer (any version) to IceWarp Mail Server 9.4.3 or higher. The key conversion process is required prior to installing IceWarp Mail Server 9.4.3 or higher. 1. Export your existing VisNetic Ma
 Summary of how to convert VisNetic MailServer to IceWarp Mail Server Article ID: 679
 Summary of how to convert VisNetic MailServer to IceWarp Mail Server Versions 8.3 or later of VisNetic MailServer can be converted to IceWarp Mail Server. If you are running a version older than 8.3, you must first upgrade to VisNetic MailServer v9.3.2
 Migrate / Upgrade VisNetic MailServer to IceWarp Mail Server 9.4.3 or higher Article ID: 675
 Migrate / Upgrade VisNetic MailServer (any version) to Icewarp Mail Server 9.4.3 or higher VisNetic MailServer can be migrated or upgraded to Icewarp Mail Server only if you meet the following prerequisites. Prerequisites 1. You must have
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