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 How to solve Source Identification issues Article ID: 726
 This article applies to 3CX version 6 or lower. The source of a call must be identified for security. This FAQ explains how 3CX Phone System identifies the source of calls by default and how you can adjust the default to make it work with almost any VO
 How to add DID's to VOIP Providers Article ID: 727
 When using a VOIP provider with DID's you need to set the following options: 1. Go to the VOIP provider account node via which the DID’s are routed. Select the VoIP provider and click 'Edit provider'. 2. Now go to the ‘DID’ tab and enter all the DID
 3CX Preferred VOIP Providers Article ID: 717
 3CX recommends using a supported VOIP provider and has a successful partnership with the companies listed in the link below. All of these preferred VOIP providers have been tested for interoperability with 3CX IP PBX, are re-tested with each new build, an
 Media Server reports Binding Failed Article ID: 697
 If the Media Server needs to allocate a port for media transmission, and cannot bind, it will generate a log message such as: MediaServerReporting::InitEndPoint [MS003003] C:179.1: RTCP socket binding failed with error code 10048 Thi
 Make 3CX act like traditional PSTN Lines Article ID: 698
 Scenario: Incoming call rings line 1, if no answer go to DR or VM, if busy go to line 2, if no answer go to DR or VM, if busy go to line3, etc... General call routing: SIP Trunk 1 or PSTN 1 --> 3CX --> DID 1 --> Extension 100 SIP Trunk 2 or PSTN 2 -
 Create Custom Gateway Template Article ID: 699
 This article applies to 3CX 8.x or higher and references Patton 4114 Gateway as an example. Open the 3CX admin, select Settings, Provisioning templates, Gateway, Patton 4114, Edit Find this section <!-- Hostnames and Port Numbers --> 
 Can not activate key in 3CX version 7.0 Article ID: 700
 This article applies to 3CX version 7.0 and Window XP Pro only. If you attempt to activate your key and the screen refreshes without updating or activating you may need to follow these steps to allow 3CX version 7.0 to activate the key. However, it's a
 Queues are not registered Article ID: 701
 This article applies to 3CX version 7-8. If the 3CX Server Activity log reports that the queue is not registered this could be an indication that none of the extensions in the queue are logged into the queue or group. If the queue or group is used from
 Configure Sip to Skype gateway - 3CX Gateway for Skype Article ID: 718
 Pre-requisitesThe following pre-requisites are needed for the 3CX gateway for Skype to operate: Skype version or above is required. The Skype Client must be installed on the same machine
 What is a SIP domain and how do I configure it correctly? Article ID: 736
 During set-up you are prompted to enter the FQDN of the phone system server OR the SIP domain. This SIP domain is used if you wish to use Direct SIP calls (more info here), but it also effects your installation in case you wish to use FQDNs in the phon
 3CX Verbose Logging and Wireshark Capture Article ID: 756
 To Enable Verbose logging on the 3CX Server please follow these steps: 1. Set the logging for the PBX to "Verbose" via the 3CX Management Console -> Settings -> Advanced under the section. Click the "Apply" button at -> the bottom of the page. 2. Re
 Calls Terminated After 3 Hours Article ID: 725
 There is a value in 3CX that controls the maximum call duration for each call. By default calls will be terminated after 3 hours. The following custom parameter changes are required to increase the 3 hour termination value. 1. Open the 3CX Manageme
 Configure 3CX Softphone v4 Article ID: 706
 Ensure that you have created the extension that you wish to use with 3CX Softphone v4 in 3CX PhoneSystem. Take note of your extension number and PIN assigned to you.Download the latest version of the 3CX Softphone v4
 Configure X-Lite Article ID: 737
 X-Lite 3.0 can be downloaded from here. Ensure that you have created the extension that you wish to use with the phone in 3CX Phone System first. Take note of the ID fi
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