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 Upgrading VisNetic MailFlow on Same Server
Solution Follow these steps when upgrading a VisNetic MailFlow installation.

1. Log into MailFlow as an Admin and disable all Message Sources and Message Destinations.

2. Perform a full SQL backup of the MailFlow DB from the SQL Management Console. (Do not use the integrated MailFlow backup for this step)

3. Backup the \InboundAttach, \OutboundAttach, \NoteAttach, \Bin and \wwwroot folders.

4. Export the MailFlow registry:
- 32 bit OS (HKLM\Software\\VisNetic MailFlow)
- 64 bit OS (HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\\VisNetic MailFlow)

5. Download and execute the MailFlow installation setup file. Download from:

6. Log into MailFlow and verify data consistency.

7. Once data is verified, enable the Message Sources and Message Destinations.

Note: The in-place upgrade simply replaces files and upgrades the MailFlow database. The backups and exports are needed only if the upgrade does not complete as expected.

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