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 Increasing the Protocol Response Delay
Solution VisNetic MailServer 7

VisNetic MailServer is a very fast mail server and although all supported Internet protocols are synchronous and work properly with most mail clients, there are some mail clients that get confused by the speed of VisNetic MailServer. A notable example is Outlook 2002/XP. The following directions will show you how to increase the Protocol Response Delay in VisNetic MailServer to avoid certain errors in Outlook.

From the VisNetic MailServer configuration console:

1. Select System icon.

2. Advanced icon.

3. In the Protocol tab, enter 10 for the milliseconds. Click Ok.

4. Cycle the VisNetic MailServer SMTP and POP3/IMAP services.

5. If you are still receiving errors in Outlook, you may increase the Protocol Response Delay in increments of 10 but no higher than 200 milliseconds.

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