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 DNS2Go Linux Client
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After downloading the Linux Client tar.gz file, change directory to the location of the file and type:

tar -zxvf d2gsetup*.gz
gunzip -c d2gsetup*.gz | tar -xvf -

This will create a dns2go-2.0 directory. Change to this directory:

cd dns2go-2.0

From this new directory type:


This will run the installer for the DNS2Go client and copy all necessary files to the correct locations. The executable is installed in /usr/local/bin, documentation in /usr/doc/dns2go-2.0, and manual pages are in /usr/local/man.

To finish the installation, type:


You will be asked if you want to create the dns2go.conf file, select Yes. You will now be asked if for your domain name and registration key (if you do not have your key, do not run this yet).

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