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 DNS2Go Mutiple Domain Port Redirection
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Mutilple Domain Port Redirection

If your ISP is blocking port 80 and you cannot run a web server and have multiple domains, you normally cannot use the "www" port redirection because it will redirect to your IP address on a port and not your domain name. Although the connection will get to your computer, your web server will not be able to determine the site to load based on the domain name. Use the following steps to ensure that your domains will be redirected correctly and that your web server will still be able to tell the difference between the domains:

Windows Client:

  1. Open DNS2Go client and go to the Service Settings Tab. Select Online from the dropdown box.
  2. Check the box for Redirect web requests {with a www prefix]:
  3. Select the To This URL option then enter your domain name and port number

    IMPORTANT: Do not use here. Doing so will redirect to the redirector on a port it is not listening to and the connection will be lost.
  4. Click Apply then OK
  5. To redirect additional domains go to the Registration Tab and change the Domain Name and Registration Key to the next domain you wish to setup. Click Apply.
  6. Repeat steps 1 thru 5 for each domain you wish to redirect.
Linux Client:
  1. Open dns2go.conf in the /etc directory for editing.
  2. If you have the www. port redirection enabled comment it out by adding a # in front of the setting:
    #www-redirect-port =
    Remove the comment (#) from in front of the www-redirect-url setting and set it to the domain that is setup in this file, on the port you want the redirection set to. (i.e. If your domain was and you wanted it redirected to port 8080 your dns2go.conf file should have the following information:

    domain =
    www-redirect-url =

    IMPORTANT: Do not use here. Doing so will redirect to the redirector on a port it is not listening and the connection will be lost.
  3. Delete the status.dat file from the var/dns2go directory and restart the client using dns2go -r.
    IMPORTANT: The status.dat file must be deleted or the domain will not update.
  4. To redirect additional domains change the domain, key and www-redirect-url settings in the dns2go.conf file as per the above instructions.

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