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 Configuring an AutoResponder
Solution VisNetic MailServer

Self Configurable Users Setting Up Auto Responders In VisNetic MailServer

This article explains how an end-user can setup an auto responder for their account using the Web Admin.

From The Web Admin

  1. Login to the Web Admin (
  2. Scroll to the Responder section at the bottom
  3. Select Respond Once using the drop-down arrow. Note: Respond Once will cache the email addresses, so if the user receives multiple emails from the same email address the auto responder will only send one response. Otherwise select Respond Always and an auto responder will be sent every time the account receives email messages from the same address. The cache is cleared when the auto responder is disabled and re-enabled.
  4. Click the Responder File link
  5. Enter the auto responder text into the Auto Responder field
  6. Click Save to close the Auto Responder file
  7. Click Save under the Responder field to save the settings

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