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 Restore VisNetic MailServer Configurations From A Backup File
VisNetic MailServer 7 - 8
You must have previously created a backup file to restore configuration. See Backup Configuration article on how to backup your configuration. 
Note: Version 7 backup files are NOT compatible with version 8, if you accidentally restore a version 7 backup file in version 8 Webmail will not function and you may have to completely uninstall and reinstall to restore Webmail.
Note 2: Backup files for Version 8.3 and higher do NOT backup the registration keys. Restoring a 8.3 backup file on a new server will fail with incompatible server reference keys. You must acquire new keys using your new server reference key. Please contact sales to get a new key, - 989.732.8856
  1. Select Tools v7 - File v8
  2. Select Restore Configuration
  3. Browse for the back-up file
  4. Click Open 
Also if you backed up your \mail\ directory you can restore email message by copying over the mail directory, default location: c:\program files\\visnetic mailserver\mail\.

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