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 DNS2Go Email Routing ATRN Configuration
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ATRN, also known as ODMR (On-Demand-Mail-Relay) is an authenticated TURN session that allows your email server to dequeue email from a remote mail server using a login and password / shared secret to return your email via SMTP on port 366.

This article outlines the necessary steps to dequeue your email from the DNS2Go mail server via the ATRN protocol.

If your email server does not support issueing the ATRN protocol, there is a free ATRN client, XTRN, that can be downloaded from the following URL: http://xatrn.panozzo.it/ Note: Deerfield.net is not affliated with or support the XTRN client.

ATRN Configuration The following steps will vary depending on the mail server used. Refer to the mail server documentation or support for exact guidelines.


  1. Enable ATRN on the mail server
  2. Enter the Host server to dequeue the email from. In this case: mail.dns2go.com
  3. Enter your domain name (exclude the www prefix) in the corresponding parameters field.
  4. Enter the auth login, in this case your domain name
  5. Enter the password / Shared secret for the domain
  6. Configure the desired schedule / interval to dequeue the email.
For VisNetic MailServer, the paramaters would be: Host = mail.dns2go.com Parameters = domain.com;domain.com:password

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