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 Email Routing ETRN Configuration
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ETRN (Extended Turn) is an extension to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) that allows an SMTP server to send a request to another SMTP server to send any e-mail messages it has. Typically this involves just issueing the ETRN command along with the domain name. In the case of DNS2Go, we require a password be supplied as well as an extra security precaution.

ETRN uses SMTP port 25. If your local ISP is blocking inbound port 25 connections, you can either set a custom port to return your email on using the Mail Manager or utilize the ATRN protocol, which uses port 366. Refer to the ATRN Knowledge Base article for configuration instructions.

This article outlines the necessary steps to dequeue your email from the DNS2Go mail server via the ETRN protocol.

Dequeue with a mail server: The exact configuration will depend on the mail server being used. You will have to refer to the mail server’s documentation or support for exact steps.

  1. Enable ETRN on the mail server
  2. Enter the Host server to dequeue the email from. In this case: mail.dns2go.com
  3. Enter your domain name (exclude the www prefix) in the corresponding parameters field.
  4. Enter a space after your domain name and input your password supplied to you via email from DNS2Go.
  5. Configure the desired schedule / interval to dequeue the email.
Command issued from a DOS prompt would appear as follows: ETRN domain.com password

Dequeue with the DNS2Go client: The following is the configuration steps if you issue the dequeue request from the DNS2Go mail client. You must be running client version or newer.

  1. Open the DNS2Go client settings
  2. Select the Tools tab
  3. Click the Configure button under the Transfer Email section
  4. Enter mail.dns2go.com for the Mail Server
  5. Enter the password supplied to you via email in the corresponding Password field.
  6. Enable the option: Transfer mail automatically when I connect to the internet if you want the email dequeued from the DNS2Go mail server when the client first connects to the internet.
Configure Custom ETRN port within online Mail Manager:
  1. Login to the online Mail Manager: http://mail.dns2go.com
  2. Click the domain name in the Domain Settings section
  3. Dequeue To: domain.com:port
    Example: test.com:2525
  4. Click Save Domain

    NOTE: If you need an alternative way to dequeue your email, you can download the dequeue.zip from the following FTP server. There is a dequeue.txt file explaining how to configure the utility. You can also put the command in a batch file and schedule the batch file to run with windows scheduler: ftp://ftp.deerfield.net/pub/dns2go/dequeue.zip

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