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 Scheduling a DNS2Go Dial-Up Event
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Scheduling a Dial-Up Event

DNS2Go can be scheduled to make a connection at pre-determined times. This can help you keep your site posted at the same time every day, even when you can't be at your computer. It can also help you save money by getting you on-line at off peak hours.

  1. Open the DNS2Go Client (either double click the tray icon, or right click it and select Show Window)
  2. Click the Dialing Tab
  3. Click the box marked Enable Scheduled Dialing
  4. Select a Dial-Up Account to use from the drop down menu
  5. Set a Connect Time (this must be before the disconnect time)
  6. Set a Disconnect Time (this must be after the connect time)
  7. Select the days for your Dial-Up Event to occur by placing a check next to each day under These Days
  8. Click Add
  9. Click Apply

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