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 Configuring the DNS2Go Time Sync
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Using the Time Sync

The DNS2Go Time Sync offers a number of features to help keep your system clock set to the correct time. This feature can be especially useful for FTP Servers that need accurate time information for the files.

  • Open the DNS2Go Client (either double click the tray icon or right click the icon and select Show Window)
  • Click the Time Sync Tab

Automatic Updates

  • To set DNS2Go to automatically update your system clock every 24 hours, click the box next to Automatically adjust my system clock
Adding a new Time Server
  • Although DNS2Go comes standard with over 30 time servers, you can also add your own. Enter the address of your new Time Server in the Host name or IP address field.
  • The Description field is an optional area that allows you to leave a note about your time server.
  • When you've entered the Time Server information, click Add
  • Click Apply
Deleting Time Servers From the list
  • Highlight the Server to be deleted
  • Click the Delete button
  • Click Apply
Changing Server Priority
  • To change the order that servers are listed first highlight the server you'd like to move
  • Use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change the servers list position
  • Click Apply
Forcing a Time Sync
  • You can also manually force a Time Sync anytime you'd like. Just click Sync Now.... This will query the list until a reply comes back and it will update your system clock.

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