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 Configuring VisNetic MailServer to Send to a Smart Host
This article explains the necessary steps to setup VisNetic MailServer to send messages through your ISP when mail is sent to specific domains. This article is intended for situations where servers such as AOL are blocking your email.

From the VisNetic MailServer Admin console:

  1. Select Mail Service - Filtering v8 or Security button v7
  2. Select the Active option for the Content Filter.
  3. Select Add v8 or Content Filter button and Add v7
  4. In the Condition section, select �Where recipient matches some words.
  5. In the Actions section, select Reject/Accept/Delete Message and Forward to email address
  6. In the Description section, click the some words link after the phrase Where recipient matches some words. Enter the domain that you are trying to send to, i.e.
  7. The next link on the line below should be Delete Message
  8. Select the email address link after and Forward to email address. Enter @[your_isp_mail_server]:%%To_Alias%%@[domain]. [your_isp_mail_server] should be the actual SMTP server of your ISP. [domain] should be the same as the domain in step 6. Example:
  9. Enter a name for this particular rule in the Title section.
  10. Click OK, Close

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