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 Norton AntiVirus Corporate and VisNetic MailServer
Solution VisNetic MailServer

To configure VisNetic MailServer to use the External AntiVirus Filter - Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition.

1. Open the VisNetic MailServer Console

2. Select Security

3. Select AntiVirus Settings button

4. Enable Use External AntiVirus Filters 

5. Press the External AntiVirus Filters button

6. Press the Add button

7. Enter the Norton installation directory path in the Virus Scan Application field. 

As example: C:\Program Files\NavNT\vpc32.exe 

8. Enter the following in the Parameters field:  %s*.* /S+ /M- /B- /NORESULTS

Note: You may need to consult Symantec Support for correct parameters

9. Click Add

10. Click OK

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