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 How to remove dead email addresses from a mailing list
Solution VisNetic MailServer

In order for a message to be considered for removal the delivery will need to result in a permanent delivery failure, such as domain does not exist, and it will only be removed the second time you send to the list. The removal process needs to fail twice to remove it from the file.

How to test:

Enable the option to Remove dead email addresses, this is located in the Other tab of your mailing list.

Add an address to your list file that contains a domain that does not exist. Send to the list. You will notice a new removal file associated with your list file name located in the \config\ folder, for example,

C:\Program Files\Deerfield.com\VisNetic MailServer\config\your_domain\list_name.txt.rem

Send to the list again and the address will be removed.

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