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 Collecting mail from Remote Accounts
Solution VisNetic MailServer

From the VisNetic MailServer Configuration Console:

1. From the Menu Bar select Accounts / Add / New Remote Account 

2. Enter a description in the Name field. The name of this remote account is used for information purposes. (e.g.; remote mail

3. Enter the POP3 host name of the remote server in the POP3 field. (e.g.; 

4. Enter the username for the remote POP3 account in the Username field. (e.g.; remote) 

5. Enter the password of the remote POP3 account in the Password field. 

6. If the remote POP3 server is setup for APOP; enable the APOP option. (APOP is a secure login using md5 encryption. The remote server must support this to have it enabled). 

7. To leave a copy of the downloaded messages on the remote server, enable the option Leave Messages On Server 

8. Enable Domain POP. This option specifies the account is to be used to collect mail for the entire domain. (e.g.; the remote account is a catch-all account, where any messages for your domain are placed into a single POP3 account.) 

9. Click the Schedule button 

10. Setup the desired interval which remote mail should be collected.

11. Click OK 

12. Click OK to back out of the Schedule 

13. Click Save

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