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 How to block messages that cause Outlook to hang
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Outlook hangs when downloading messages, causing the same message to be downloaded many times in a row and other messages cannot be downloaded. Spammers and hackers have found new ways to harm Outlook users. Outlook, as well as Outlook Express, is not able to handle emails with improperly formatted message-ID headers or emails with just receive headers.

Emails like these are sent to 'abuse' or 'break into' Outlook. They do not contain any mail body or subject or from/to headers. Microsoft has not addressed this problem yet because the messages do not violate RFC standards. This is the reason these messages are able to get past the RFC822 content filter in VisNetic MailServer. VisNetic MailServer is compliant with all RFC standards and once a standard is set for filtering these types of messages our developers will adjust the core product to filter out these types of emails by default.

The messages are designed to affect Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Other email clients can download these messages without problems. VisNetic WebMail can display these emails, along with Mozilla, Netscape, The Bat!, etc. Once a message is in the user's mailbox on the VisNetic server it needs to be removed before the user can continue to use Outlook. You will need to delete the message that is hanging up the transfer. You can either go into WebMail and delete the message or go to the VisNetic MailServer working directory and delete the message [�\VisNetic MailServer\Mail\domain\user

Finally, Microsoft addressed this problem and released an update. You can see more information from the following URL.

See attachment in this article or download the filter from the download section of the support page.

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