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 Sharing Folders Using VisNetic WebMail
Solution Sharing Folders Using VisNetic WebMail

Shared IMAP folders are only available via traditional IMAP capable email clients such as Outlook and Outlook Express.

The sharing of IMAP folders is not directly accessible using VisNetic WebMail. It is possible however, to allow a user to receive a copy of all messages sent to another user.

To allow UserB to receive a copy of all messages sent to UserA

1. Log into USerB webmail account.
2. Add a new folder called "AInbox"
3. Open the VMS Config
4. Select Accounts then
5. Select the "Options" Tab
6. In the "Copies" field specify the entire mail path in the Incoming mail field. As example: C:\Program Files\\VisNetic MailServer\mail\[]\[userb]\ainbox\
7. Select "Save"

Now all messages arriving to UserA's Inbox will be copied to UserB and placed automatically into the "AInbox" folder.

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