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 PHP Webmail troubleshooting
If you have PHP installed on the same computer as VisNetic MailServer it is possible that Webmail will use the php.ini configuration file of PHP instead of the wmi.ini configuration file that comes with Webmail (..\VisNetic MailServer\PHP\).
To avoid this conflict you should review the install.txt file that comes with PHP. This file contains information on how to run separate configuration files on the same computer.
For example, instead of placing the php.ini in the c:\winnt\ directory you will need to move it to the c:\php\ directory (or the PHP installation directory). You will also need to move the php4ts.dll file from the c:\winnt\system32 directory and place it in the c:\PHP\ directory.
This is outlined in the manual install instructions for PHP, look in file install.txt of the c:\PHP directory.
Here's an outline of what you may have to do, and this could vary depending on how you are using PHP, that's why it very important that you read the install.txt from top to bottom!!
1. Move the php.ini and the php4ts.dll to the c:\php folder.

2. Edit the registry and add the path to the php.ini file (install.txt explains what reg key to add), HKLM\Software\PHP\IniFilePath.

3. Add c:\php to the windows path (read install.txt).

4. Reboot.

5. Run the php info test on your website to make sure it is using the php.ini file from c:\php.

6. [Optional] Run the php info test on Webmail to make sure it is using the wmi.ini file.
For testing purposes create a blank web page including the following test script in the body: < ?php phpinfo();?>. Rename the web page file to include the .php file extension, for example, "index.php". Upon opening the web page you should see the PHP server information indicating the PHP scripting language has been installed properly. The information will also contain the location of the php.ini file or the wmi.ini file.

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