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 Collecting mail from via mail client (Outlook, Eudora)

To access your accounts via your POP3 email client (e.g., Outlook, Eudora, etc.), enter the following information in the appropriate fields. The exact instructions to set up accounts will vary according to your specific email client’s requirements.

Incoming/POP3 email: enter

Outgoing/SMTP email: enter either your ISP’s SMTP server information, or if you choose to send email through the DNS2Go email servers, enter However, if you are using the DNS2Go email servers for sending email, you must enable SMTP authentication in your email client or you will not be able to send messages. The password for SMTP authentication will be the same as your Email Routing password.

Account Name: enter the actual email address that you will be collecting email for. If you have created an account such as, this is what you will enter. If you are collecting messages for the catch-all account (e.g., all of the messages sent to your domain that aren’t sent to a specific user), enter

Password: if you are collecting messages for an individual user account, this password is created manually per account in the Mail Manager. If you are collecting messages for the catch-all account, enter the Email Routing Password.

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