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 How to Relay all outgoing mail (smart host)
VisNetic MailServer version 8 and above can send all outgoing mail to a single SMTP server by using the Relay Server option (Mail Service - SMTP Service - General tab - User Relay Server).
There are four ways to configure this option.
1. Send directly to a relay server without authentication. Enter in the IP address or the domain name of the relay server,
Note: = your actual relay server domain or IP.
2. Authenticate to the relay server with a username and password,
username = username for the relay server
password = password for the relay server = your actual relay server domain or IP
3. Authenticate to the relay server using an email address and a delimiter to replace the @ sign in the username,
The % character is a delimiter character required by your relay server. This delimiter character may change depending on your relay servers requirements.
4. Authenticate to the relay server using an email address as the username, version or higher.

When the username is an email address and used for authentication in "Use Relay Server" and you have version or lower (to 8.0.3) you must specify a delimiter for in the username, version supports the @ sign in the username. The conversion of the delimiter is not handled by VisNetic MailServer but instead by the receiving server (relay server).

For example, VisNetic MailServer can convert the % character to @ if a client or mail server is authenticating to VisNetic MailServer (Domains & Accounts - Polices - Login Policy). A client or mail server would use this format,

When set to convert the % character VisNetic MailServer will see the % and change the username ( to

If your relay server requires an email address for the username and you are running version or lower you will need to find out what delimiter character that relay server supports and configure it appropriately, For example, if it converts the # sign configure as follows,

If the relay server does not convert the delimiter character you will not be able to use that relay server with version or lower.

Solution: upgrade VisNetic MailServer to version which supports the @ sign in the username.

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