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 Configuring DomainKeys (Sending) VisNetic MailServer 8.x ONLY

Quick Start - VisNetic MailServer 8.x ONLY

Under the DomainKey tab in the Management section, check Active. Enter a selector name, any name will do. Leave domain blank. Select nofws canonicalization. Click Generate private key, click on ok to generate a 512 bit key. Click on retrieve selector data. Copy the selector data.

Go to your DNS server. Create a sub-domain called _domainkey. Then create a TXT record for _domainkey, used for the policy record, o=~ or o=-, then add another text record named the same as the Selector you entered above. Paste the selector data into this TXT record.

In VisNetic MailServer:

1. Global Settings / Domains tab - Enable DomainKeys

2. Domains & Accounts / Management / "domain" / DomainKey Tab

- Check Active
- Enter a Selector name in the Selector field. This can be anything. We'll use "domainkey" (minus the quotes)
- Enter your domain name in the Domain field (optional).
- Select nofws canonicalization
- Click Generate Private Key
- Click OK to generate a 512 bit key
- Click Retreive Selector Data button
- Copy the Selector Data and Save.

On your DNS Server

- Create a sub-domain called "_domainkey" (minus quotes)
- Create a TXT record for the parent _domainkey domain using o=~ or o=-. The data of this TXT-record contains the policy which is basically either "o=-" or "o=~".
"o=-" means "all e-mails from this domain are signed", and "o=~" means "some e-mails from this domain are signed".
- Create a TXT record named the same as the Selector you specified in a previous step
- Paste the Selector Data into this TXT record

Enable "Use DomainKeys"


DomainKeys DNS Testing Tools

DomainKey Policy Record Tester:

DomainKey Selector Record Tester:

Additional DomainKey information is available in the Domainkey Internet Draft:

Configuring DomainKeys in VisNetic MailServer (Receiving)

You can enable VisNetic MailServer to verify incoming emails using DomainKey technology.

AntiSpam / SpamAssassin tab

- Select "Use DomainKeys" and Apply.

The result of the "DomainKey Verification Test" will impact the individual email's SpamAssassin score.

By default the following SA scores are assigned:

Unverified Signature: 1.750 is added

Signature Passes Verification: -0.500 is added

Policy says Domain Signs Some Emails: 0.001 is added

These values may be changed in the file located by default at:

C:\Program Files\\VisNetic MailServer\spam\Rules

Additional DomainKeys information is available in the VisNetic MailServer Help Files as well as the VisNetic MailServer Admin Guide.

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