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 IMAP is not saving sent items to the Sent Folder
Solution In order to automatically save your sent email messages in your IMAP Sent folder rather than the local Outlook Sent Items folder you must create a rule in Outlook using the Rules Wizard:

1.) Choose Tools > Rules Wizard, then Click on New.

2.) Highlight Move messages I send to someone in the upper pane of the window and click on Next.

3.) Uncheck the sent to the people or distribution list condition in the upper pane of the window.

4.) Click on the specified folder link in the lower pane and select your CSE IMAP Server Sent folder.

5.) Click on OK. The text in the lower pane should be similar to the following:

Apply this rule after I send the message move a copy to the Sent folder:

1.) Click on Next.

2.) Click Yes to the confirmation message.

3.) Follow through the rest of the Rules Wizard giving your rule a name, ensure you have turned the rule on, then click Finish.

If you have set up the above rule you may want to stop Outlook automatically copying your sent messages to your local Outlook Sent Items folder as well as the IMAP Sent folder. To do this:

1.) Choose Tools > Options

2.) Click on the Preferences tab, then E-mail Options

3.) Uncheck the Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder box.

4.) Press OK

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