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 Stop Spam to Email Routing
When using email routing, by default 1 account is created that is domian.com@domain.com which collects all the email for your account. There are many cases where spammers will send to anything@domain.com when sending spam. Inorder to stop these messages from coming through to your
inbox and taking valuable email storage space, follow these steps:
2) Click on the Domain Settings link
3) Click on B&W tab
4) Click on the B&W Filter button
5) Create your rule here.
Collect all the addresses you wish to receive mail to and create a rule that says where Any Header matches NOT then enter your
accounts and select reject or delete as the action.
This rule will tell the mailserver that any mail delivered to your domain that is not the accounts you specified would be rejected or deleted.
Create an entry that says:
Where Any Header matches - X-Spam-Status: Yes
Then set the action to delete.
This will search the message headers for X-Spam-Status: Yes This would indicate the message is considered Spam based on the score it received. It is possible that valid non-spam messages could score high enough to be considered spam.

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