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 How to use LDAP - VisNetic MailServer 7.x and 8.x only
Solution To use LDAP in VisNetic MailServer 7 or 8 you must have the Pro version of VisNetic MailServer and it must be installed on Windows 2000 Pro, Server, XP or NT4 (v8 or higher does not support NT4).

VisNetic MailServer configuration:

1. Open the VMS configuration admin.
2. Select the Professional button (version 7) or System - Services - LDAP (version 8).
3. Activate the LDAP option and select Shared Address Book.
4. Select the Complete User Synchronization button (version 7) or Convert Users to LDAP (version 8), press Yes and OK.
5. Press the Apply button if it's not greyed out.
6. Press the System button or tab.
7. Stop and start the Control service. You should see an LDAP service listed for Control (version 7 only).

LDAP client configuration:

We will use Outlook Express in our example, the same configuration will apply to other email clients or LDAP clients.

1. Open Outlook Express, select Tools and Accounts.
2. Select Add Directory Service.
3. Enter the IP address of the VisNetic MailServer computer.
4. Select next, select Yes to search email addresses using directory service, and select next.
5. Select Finish.
6. Select the Directory Service tab in Outlook Express.
7. Highlight the directory service you just created and select properties.
8. Select the Advanced tab.
9. Enter dc=root in the Search base: field.
10. Press Apply, OK, and Close.
11. Select Find People in the Address book of Outlook Express.
12. Select the name of the LDAP account in Look in:.
13. Enter the email address you want to search for and press find now.

For more information on LDAP, please refer to the help files in VisNetic MailServer.

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