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 Battle the Spam Bots
Solution Let's talk about why you need, and how to create a Spam Trap.

Spammers often use high performance computers to run what is called a Spam Bot. A Spam Bot is a program that browses the Internet looking for hypertext links and other anchors in your web site, and then uses these links to navigate itself from one site to the next. For every page the Bot visits it performs a [b]search for email addresses, adding them to its database as it proceeds. This method of collecting email addresses is often referred to as Harvesting.

If you have a website displaying contact information for your family or employees, most likely it contains email addresses. These email addresses are seen/collected by the Spam Bot. The idea to combat this is to add a special Spam Trap email address to the web page used specifically for catching Spam Bots. The email address should be hidden on the web page by using the same background color as that of the web page. With the email address the same color as the background, legitimate visitors to your web site would not see the address, only Spam Bots looking for email addresses embedded in the HTML of the page.

Creating that Special email address.

This account would be an email address used specifically for combating Spam Bots and cannot be that of an actual user. Example: The most important step is to set the State property of this account to Disabled (Tarpitting).

This sets the account to be inactive, but if email is delivered to this account, the sender is considered a tarpitter and the IP address is blocked per the Tarpitting options defined in VisNetic MailServer under System/Mail Service/Security.

What will happen?

The Spam Bot will visit your web site performing a full text search in the page source code looking for all email addresses. To every address found it will try to send a spam message. One of these addresses is our trap ( Whenever the Spam Bot sends a message to it, the IP address becomes tarpitted and every further connection attempt is rejected immediately.

Simple but effective! Give it a try, every little bit helps.

Additional Anti-Spam techniques employed by VisNetic MailServer include:
SpamAssassin and compatible filtering
Sender Policy Framework and Sender Rewriting Scheme
Challenge/Response System
Bayesian Filters with automated Reference Base update and "self learning" features
White & Black Listing
Custom Content Filters
and More.

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