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 Does Kerio WinRoute Firewall support PPPoE
Yes. Kerio WinRoute Firewall does support PPPoE, however there are a number of different types of PPPoE protocol drivers, and some are known to work better than others when combined with WinRoute. For this reason, we recommend RASPPPOE by Robert Schlabbach.
Although WinRoute may seem to work with other PPPoE protocol drivers, you may find that some websites simply do not work. The URL will resolve, and part of the web site may actually render, but the browser will hang, and the page will never load.
Most network devices are configured to use the largest routable payload size of 1500 octets. PPPoE protocol will add an additional 8 octets to every routed packet. This means that packets of the maximum size must be fragmented in order to accomidate the additional payload. Some PPPoE drivers do not always properly handle this process. We have found that RASPPPOE by Robert Schlabbach does not have problems with packet fragmentation.
Installation of RASPPPoE
  • Download RASPPPOE and extract the folder to your desktop.
  • Go to the Windows Network Connections and select the properties of the interface connecting to the ADSL modem.
  • Choose "Install", then "Add" a new Protocol.
  • Choose "Have disk" and browse to the location of the extracted RASPPPOE folder.
  • Choose "RASPPPOE.INF"
  • Once the drivers have been installed, go to "Start → Run". Type raspppoe A RASPPPOE Dial up connection window will appear.
  • Choose to query servers. Click on the first listed server and choose to create a connection.
  • The new connection will appear in your Windows network connections. With WinRoute stopped, dial this connection and input the password required by your ISP.
Configure WinRoute to use the new RASPPPOE connection
  • Start WinRoute, then login to the administration console and refer to Configuration → Interfaces.
  • Locate the RAS Dialup interface and choose "Edit".
  • Modify the "Bind this interface..." so that the new RASPPPOE connection is selected.
  • In the "Dialing Settings" tab, make sure the connection is persistent, and that the login data from the RAS entry will be used.
It may happen that WinRoute does not immediately detect the new RAS entry, or it creates a new RAS Dialup interface. You may need to rename the dialup connection through Windows Network Connections. Then go back to the WinRoute interfaces and remove any new RAS interfaces. There should be only one RAS interface, which points to the appropriate RASPPPOE diulup connection. If there are no RAS Interfaces, choose Add → RAS Dialup, and point it to the RASPPPOE dialup connection.
Check the dial, warning or error logs in WinRoute. If WinRoute fails to dial the connection, it will report an explanation in one of these logs.
If you have tried all steps and still there are issues, please contact technical support.

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