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Solution Q. The AntiSpam logos display a [Bypass=14], what does this mean?

The [Bypass=14] code can be translated using the following chart... first translate the code from HEX to Binary using the windows calculator in Scientific view.

1. Open the calculator.
2. Select the "View", "Scientific" menu option.
3. Select the "Hex" radio button.
4. Enter the code to be translated.
5. Select the "Binary" radio button.
6. Use the codes below to determine why the message bypassed the AntiSpam system.

As an example, a bypass code of Hex 14 translates to Binary 00010100... If I apply this Binary code to the chart below I find that the "Connecting IP is trusted or session is authenticated" and "Message size exceeded AntiSpam setting".

00000001 - The IAS license has expired
00000010 - Sender is on a whitelist
00000100 - Connecting IP is trusted or session is authenticated
00001000 - Outgoing messages are set to bypass AntiSpam
00010000 - Message size exceeded AntiSpam setting, this limit can be set in spam.dat file 96kb is the default (IgnoreMessagesLarger=96)
00100000 - Sender, IP or domain is in AntiSpam bypass file: spam/spambypass.dat
01000000 - A non-user account is the recipient of a message and processing of these accounts is not enabled
10000000 - Processing mode or account service access is set so that AntiSpam is not applied to this account

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