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 Automatically White List an email address sent from VisNetic MailServer
Solution You will need to create two different filters, one a content filter that adds recipients to a whitelist file. The second is a Whitelist filter accepting sender addresses listed in the same whitelist file.

Content Filter (Mail Service - Filters)

Where Remote IP address matches (This is optional, but recommended for security. Use your internal IP range)
Function - Contain list from string (separated with semi-colon) String - 172.16.0.

and Where Recipient matches Function - Contains list of strings from file
NOT - Checked
String - C:\Filter\WL.txt

and Where Sender/Recipient is local/remote Recipient - Remote

Add %%current_Recipient%% to a file File name - C:\Filter\WL.txt
Text - %%current_Recipient%%

Black and White list (Mail Service - Filters)

Item - SMTP Sender
Function - Contains list from file
String - C:\Filter\WL.txt
Action - Accept

These filters work fairly well but are not perfect. For example, it will not add multiple recipients to the whitelist, only the first recipient of a multiple recipient session. Recommend to your users that they send single messages to each contact in their address book.

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