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 Move VisNetic MailServer to a new computer
Solution This article assumes you are running VisNetic MailServer 9.x. Options defined in this article and in the admin console may be in slightly different locations or may be defined differently depending on the version you are running, please search the help file (press F1 or open Help from the program group) to find more information on how to locate these referenced options, such as, where the \mail\ path is located, and where to locate the version number, etc...

1. From the system you are moving from create a backup of VisNetic MailServer. Open the VMS admin select File - Backup settings. Give the file a name and save to your computer.

Please note the version of VisNetic MailServer you are running. You can only restore backup files from the same version. To check what version you are running select Help - About.

2. Backup the \mail\ path, default location,

C:\Program Files\\VisNetic MailServer\mail\

To verify where your \mail\ path is located open the VMS admin, select System - Storage - Directories tab.

Note: When we refer to "Backup the \mail\ path" we are referring to a file backup. You can either copy the mail path to a USB drive or an attached USB disk or to a shared drive.

3. If you are working with a backup file from an older version of VisNetic MailServer you can obtain archive versions from the following link. Never restore a backup file to a system with a different version of VisNetic MailServer.

4. Install VisNetic MailServer on the new system, make sure you install it in the same directory as the old server. The backup file will not look at the new install and automatically determine what directories it should restore to.

5. Restore your backup file from VMS admin - File - Restore settings.

6. Restore the \mail\ path.

7. The server will warn you that the system has a Server Reference Key mismatch and will expire in 7 days. To obtain a new key that matches your new Server Reference Key open the VisNetic MailServer Admin select Help - Licenses and note the new Server Reference Key. Then contact sales to acquire a new key. You must have your new Server Reference Key available before calling sales.
Sales: (800) 599-8856
Intl: + (989) 732-8856

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