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 P2P Eliminator
Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are world-wide distributed systems, where each node can represent both a client and a server. These networks are used for sharing big volumes of data (mostly used for illegal data sharing). There are many similar networks, such as DirectConnect, Kazaa, etc.

In addition to illegal data distribution, utilization of P2P networks overload lines via which users are connected to the Internet. Such users may limit connections of other users in the same network and may increase costs for the line (for example when volume of transmitted data is limited for the line).

WinRoute provides the P2P Eliminator module which detects connections to P2P networks and applies specific restrictions. Since there is a large variety of P2P networks and parameters at individual nodes (servers, number of connections, etc.) can be changed, it is hardly possible to detect all P2P connections. However, using various methods (such as known ports, established connections, etc.), the P2P Eliminator is able to detect whether a user connects to one or multiple P2P networks.

Note: According to thorough tests, the detection is highly reliable (probability of failure is very low).

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