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 SMTP service does not start (Version ONLY)
The VisNetic SMTP service may not start if the SMTP.exe process is already loaded into memory and was not shutdown properly. Two instances of SMTP.exe can not run at the same time. Usually terminating the SMTP.exe process and restarting the VisNetic SMTP Service will start the service.

If not, check the VisNetic MailServer Message Queue (VMS admin - Status - Message Queue) for outgoing messages. If outgoing messages exist navigate to the VisNetic MailServer \retry\ folder and review the file names, here's the default location,

C:\Program Files\\VisNetic MailServer\mail\forward\retry\

How to find the retry path:

1. Open the VisNetic Admin
2. Select Storage under System
3. Select the Directories tab
4. The Mail Path is where you'll find the ..\forward\retry\ folder

If the files contain the following name xxxxxxxx_129.tmp (xxxxxxxx is a random number) you must change the name to xxxxxxxx_1.tmp and restart the SMTP service or terminate the SMTP.exe file or reboot the VisNetic MailServer computer.

This should fix the problem. This happens as a result of a bug in the VMS admin Bounce Back option in Status - Message Queue. This option hangs the SMTP service, please do NOT use the Bounce Back option until the next released version.

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