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 Spam Folder Mode
Solution VisNetic MailServer 7.x - 8.x

The Spam folder mode option under the Special tab (version 7) of each account (Miscellaneous tab - version 8.0.3 and the Options tab in version 8.5) determines where messages will be placed when marked as spam. If you choose Do Not Use Spam Folder messages will be placed into the standard Inbox or if you choose Use spam folder messages will be placed in the Spam folder.

You can also select Default and spam will be stored in a directory specified in the global settings. The Global settings are located in Security - Instant Antispam Engine click on Spam Engine and in the General tab (AntiSpam - Action tab - version 8), there is an option Place spam messages under spam folder and Integrate spam folders with IMAP accounts (folder name).

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